Getting a date with my crush

it’s a girl at my job that I have a huge crush on, I’ve tried 4 love spells but still nothing, anybody know reasons why it may not have worked?

How much time are you giving the spells to kick in before you fire off the next one? Do you forget about it and let it work or are you in a hurry to see the results? Is she particularly strong willed or have any magical defenses?

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I do tend to think about it after the ritual, but I put it out of my mind as soon as it tries to pop up, I give it about 2 months apart, and I’m not sure if she has magical defense, she’s a trainer so I doubt she’s into magick

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Have you thought about just asking her out? What kind of vibes are you giving off? Be confident and open to receiving what you’re looking for. I understand you like her but she’s no better than you, just a person.

Be confident and know what you’re strengths are and believe in yourself.


yea o asked her out 2 times, she said she is too busy which is another way of saying no

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thanks btw