Get your love back: trying it myself

hi all, just a disclaimer this thread was copied from @NICOLE1. The reason why is in the incantation i promised to spread this powerful prayer as a thank you. is my lover back yet? well we contacted today and we decided to be friends with benefits till we figure the shit out. however, i just did a tarot reading and i got my answer. its working.

Casting Instructions for ‘Invoke Pomba Gira’
Light your candle and meditate for a few minutes.
When ready, place the offering(s) around the candle and chant:
My Queen Pomba Gira Maria Padilha of the 7 crossroads, go wherever _________ is and don’t let him rest, don’t let him sleep, don’t let him talk, don’t let him be cheerful, don’t let him feel pleasure until he talks to me. IT IS.

For the powers of the earth for the presence of fire, for the inspiration of air, for the virtues of water, I invoke the 13 blessed souls for the powers of The Sacred Heart and the tears shed for love, so that they go wherever ________ is at this moment and bring his spirit to me, tie it definitely to mine. His spirit will soak in the essence of my love and he will return it back to me in double. _________ will never desire another woman and his eyes will always be on me.


Hail Pomba Gira Maria Padilha Queen of the 7 crossroads! I ask you: Go turn around, go please turn around in my favor bringing ________ back to me. Move air, transform fire, move air, water becomes earth. Earth heals, it turns. The wheels turn, it turns the wheels, turns it, it will bring ________ back to me as soon as possible, next to me.

_________ won’t desire another woman, he will be fine only by my side. He will miss me and will come to meet me and ask me to never let him go. _________ will want me and will not stop thinking about us being together. IT IS AND IT WILL BE.

Hail Pomba Gira Maria Padilha! Hail 7 skirts! Hail your sisters, Maria Mulumbo, Maria Rainha da Calunga Pequena, Maria Padilha Shivered, and all the others! Hail 7 skirts! My good friend and woman of the 7 exus, defender of the women! Hail 7 skirts! My kind and glorious princesses, I know your strength and your power, I ask the following: ________ will not sleep if he is not certain that we are together. His body will burn into desiring me. _______ desire for me will make him blind for all other women. The other women will NOT see him as a man. The other women will NOT make ________ desire them; they will NOT give him pleasure. I am the only one who will have this power.

________ will NOT love, kiss, hug any other woman anymore and will let only me be in his heart.

Tear other women apart from him. The other women will not want him anymore. ______ will look for me at all times today. Now wishing to be by my side, he misses me. _________ will always have my image in his thoughts at all times of his days and nights. Right now with whomever and wherever you are _________ you will stop. And your thoughts will be with me. When you lay down, when you wake up, you will dream about me. And for this you will love me more every day. If you are sleeping, wake up missing me! You will be glad to hear my voice. ___________ you will feel a desire for me that is above desire, like you have never felt for any other woman before and never will again.

Hail 7 skirts! My kind and glorious Princess of the 7 exus that follow your steps.

I plea and I beg, tie __________ to the 7 knots of your skirt and to the 7 bells of your clothes for me.

I thank you Pomba Gira for your work for me. I will make public your name in exchange of this wish. Bring ________ today and let him be with me always. Let him be mine. Let him be always with me today and he will think of me and he will call me and he will beg to come back to me, because he can not stand being far away from me, because he will be afraid of losing me.

He will come saying that he wants me always with him, and he will want me to be his wife and mother of his children.


I trust Pomba Gira of the 7 crossroads, every time this prayer is read it will be stronger and stronger. That is why I send it to the corners of the world, asking oh mother make this wish come true. I want to be with _________.

I know the groups of Pomba Gira are already blowing my name into __________ ears day and night. He will not eat, sleep, or do anything unless he is with me. I trust the power of the 7 crossroads and will continue spreading this powerful prayer.



Also i want to thank Lucifer, Amon, Dantalion, Lilith, and all the spirits/deities that helped with or without my knowledge. He shall comeback soon and fulfill my heart with love.

Link for tarot reading:
May everyone who is reading this shall bless me with the energy i need to fulfill my needs in my relationship with my ex/future partner and to achieve my goals in it.


Keep us updated @Fallen_Human

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Well, I asked, you will do something, they will give good foundations, you will wait, you will wait and you will be given

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do you mean by the spirits or partner?

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@Greecya read this!!

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Το εχω ξαναδει αυτο ναι :slight_smile: ειναι στα υποψιν… θενκιουυυ!!

We appreciate it if we all wrote in the same language in other not to cause confusion.

However, the official language for the forum users is English.

Thanks for your understanding!

Im sorry, didn’t even realize :smile: I wrote that I have seen this spell and I would like to try it soon.

No problem at all!

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well, i fucked up and contact him to see if he wanted to have dinner and he went back to i don’t want you in my life no more. however, i did the spell provided by c.kendall and waiting to see the results.

I honestly feel like i don’t care no more i tried all the spells in this forum and its either i suck at magic or they are just fake.


No, do not feed doubt, it will hurt your spell works, and your an awesome spellcaster. Please fallen, stay positive. :cupid:


oh don’t get me wrong… i believe in Astarte’s power but i am not sure if she found me worthy enough to help.

It’s a great prayer for Maria Padilha, but there’s nothing like “13 blessed souls”. If you got a Brazilian prayer (since the 13 souls I know are Brazilian), the 13 souls aren’t linked with Maria Padilha. They’re souls of people who died tragically on a fire and didn’t get recognized. Those 13 souls makes miracles, works wonders, specially on love, but are different spirits, from another line.

Hail isn’t also a proper greeting for Maria Padilha, Laroyê is. It speaks like LAH - ROW - YAY (the R here is like the Portuguese R, not the English).

Maria Padilha, Sete Saias (Seven Skirts, but don’t call her like this, we don’t translate the names here), Maria Mulambo, Rainha, Navalha, all they are different entities, and some don’t even work with each other! If you’re asking Padilha, ask only her, you don’t need to call on another.

Sete Saias don’t have seven Exus seeking her.

Well, there’s other things, but correcting this will be sufficient. Also, take care with the offering, there’s something called “quizila”, which is the negative reaction to some offerings, like foods, for example, although you’ll probably won’t suffer with this. If you don’t know exactly what kind of offering to do, give her champagne or a wine (not an expensive one), or even both if you want, some cigarettes, perfume, mirrors, beauty accessories, but try to avoid foods since you don’t know much of her. Also, red and black candles, if you can get both, or one with both colors, you can get only red or only white but never only black.

I believe this will cover most of the mistakes. If you already did it, know that is the intention that counts.

Wish you all the best. Axé.


I to have workings with several entities, as long as they know I am attempting to work my backside off, they will continue to help me. I believe the same for you. You are truly blessed.


I’m glad you made this post. Thank you. I am compelled to share some things as well. I am new to this world, just learned how to meditate longer than 15 minutes and yet I’ve established this connection with Maria Padilha. You are absolutely right about intentions. This evening I learned that when you call on her YOU BETTER BE READY! She is helpful and VERY resourceful BUT she isn’t going to just give you whatever you want without you earning it. If she sees something needs improvement, she will put a mirror in your face to make you see yourself for who you really are before granting your wish. And when you do connect with her, you never know; your desires might change. She isn’t weak by far, she strong and fearless and she wants her followers and those that call upon her to be the same or inspire to be. She reached into my soul and made me see what needed to be improved and it’s painful but its a necessary pain and I feel myself getting stronger every day, As i get weak in my thoughts, emotions and insecurities, I am stronger because the things i ignored about myself that did nothing but hold me back are revealed to me and as i identify them, I fight them bitches off one by one. It hurts like hell but, i feel her fighting with me and supporting me. She is not a genie in a bottle, she wants to know how bad do you really want it!! What are you willing to do? She is about self love, faith, confidence and obedience. Before you ask her anything, even if its about the weather, you better make sure your shit is all the way together beforehand because I can guarantee that if something is wrong with you, she is going to work on you FIRST! People just want what they want and watch too much tv and don’t use enough common sense and this is not to offend anyone in any way but please… before doing any work on someone else, look at yourself. Its not to change for anyone but only to be a better you. If you broke up with someone or lost a job in a career field that you enjoy or what have you, you need to think about why you lost it in the first place. What made you get fired, what caused the breakup and think really hard about that then accept the reality of it. Would that particular company and or person consider hiring or taking you back if nothing changed? No growth, no evolution, no discipline, only excuses. An even if you did nothing wrong, maybe you were too damn nice or whatever the reason is, face your truth, stand in your power and allow it to strengthen you and then celebrate yourself cause at least you got the message and know what needs to be done! NOW GO DO THE WORK! It’s like going to the gym, you’re not going to get that banging ass body overnight, you gotta work through the pain to better yourself. Don’t be afraid to love you and work on you, even if it’s hard, aren’t you worth it? If you don’t think you’re worth it then WTF make you think that any higher power, relative or neighbor down the damn street will think so too? This isnt directed towards you at all. I am living this right now and found it in my heart to honor my Goddess Pomba Gira Maria Padilha and share my truth with everyone and I hope this helps someone that is either waiting on a manifestation or isn’t understanding why it hasn’t happened yet. Spirits or ppl don’t just “click” with any and everyone. Some of these spirits have dwelled on earth before and you don’t know what they had to sacrifice and do to make their dreams come true. Don’t take this opportunity for granted and don’t waste anyone’s time wither in this realm or the spiritual. I appreciate my Goddess for shining her light and darkness on me(at the same time), it’s restoring me and making me so much better. She could have granted me the moon and the stars but for what if I don’t know what to do with it. I wish everyone the best.


Yes, she is incisive on wanting you doing your job. Isn’t like calling her and letting it happen, he’ll work, it may take sometime, a long time in many cases (I saw one that took almost 3 years), but she’ll give you what you want. But not before working on you.

But this happens to almost all spirits that deals with love. The difference is that some spirits are extremely accessible, like Sallos, and others aren’t, like Padilha. The traditions of Umbanda comes from more than 2 centuries ago, and from Candomblé, from more than a millennium, and some studies says that the Yorùbá traditions comes from many years BC. These spirits are extremely adapted to a style of magick, to their offerings and rituals, and it’s pretty difficult to change their minds, since they aren’t simple thought forms.

So, next time you connect to Padilha, pray her for a while. Although today I LOVE Goetia, and specially, some demons, the fact is that I never got the same success rate than with some Exus and Pomba-Giras. So keep trusting on her and doing your best.


Just curious about pomba gira does she tend to only work with women? Iv recited the prayer a few times but have read that she doesn’t really help with relationship issues in the men’s side but more when women call out to her, is this valid?