Get the ball rolling

Id like some help in getting momentum towards my goals in life I feel like Im at a decent spot since Ive made the concious decision to obtain my goals and I do have an Idea of what obtaining them would mean and the sacrafices theyd bring. I guess I havent gotten enough motivation or will power or habit of doing things towards my goals consistently and I was wondering who could help in this.

I have this under money as that is ehat I currently am looking to attract but health as well.

For health I was thinking Raphael
Money I have already called up Clauneck to help him guide me but I need someone else for quick cash and someone to keep me on track and motivated towards my goal.

Before I had lived under the false belief that I am lazy but I realized this wasnt true. Before my parents had laid everything out for me and I just did what I was told because I told them my goal and they planned it out and I kinda just followed along. Since Im getting into generational wealth and money their teachings are practically useless lol.

I mean my mom went from broke to decent middle class but no one in my family is wealthy.