Get started in magic best books

This thread is made to help the new magicians advance a little bit faster.
Some people just start working with magic and don’t even know to astral project and their third eye is still shut.
They may try and evoke something but they can’t talk to this entity cause they can’t see it or hear it.
Now lety start posting some good Beginner Books for magicians.
Take pic of the book and talk a bit about it how it helped you.
I went and bought this book 2 days ago.


I just started this book and it should help me give me an idea about the astral world and how to travel to it.
Once I am done here what book should I get?

I will post more books in the future


Great book, every beginner to esoteric study and the occult should read this (it is free, in PDF by the way.)


Thank you! I will start reading that soon :blush:

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No problem, I really think youll enjoy it.

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Works of Darkness and OAA by EA are stellar books especially for beginners. Anything by Asenath Mason is good as well, although the sigils in those books are kind of difficult to draw if you aren’t a gifted artist. If you’re into runes, check out Edred Thorrson and Steven Grundy. Anything by BALG is usually a good bet on quality.


I know this is not a book but is still great for a beginner.
I just do finish watching this film on YouTube took a lot of notes.
I am new to the occult this was great information.
I could spot some non sense in this video.
I tried to ignore those information
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