Get rid of fear

Whenever I go into trance and feel/hear/see something strongly, out of trance with a sudden fear. What can i do to fix this situation ??

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Stillness is the key I have found. A state of zen that is unbothered by all distraction. Work on achieving concentration and stillness in the loudest most distracting environments until you can tune out such influence but still note them. The sudden fear response usually occurs closer to sleep trance than working trance which is based on intense focus and stillness rather than just relaxation.


This one is just a matter of practice. More practice gets you deeper trance and more control, and getting used to things.

Fear isn’t going t go away, it’s normal and part of being human, it’s what you do about it that is under your control. And control is a matter of skill, and skill comes from lots and lots of practice.