Get over her spell


Does anybody have a spell to get you to get over ur ex wife? Its been a year and half and in still broken hearted over this woman. She did me so wrong and i still miss her. Can u give me a spell to get head out of my ass and grow sone balls?



[quote=“Euoi, post:2, topic:2421”][/quote]wow thats funny is there a spell i can do so i can stay home in my underwear all day and hot women will just cone to my door and give me lots of sex. And oh yeah they need to pay me too.


lust spells my friend; lust spells.


Sure. Become a male prostitute and work client drawing spells.


That’s what I like about you Euoi, your soloution oriented.


Euoi he said hot women haha


Twf, Thank you.

Omnipresent, I don’t think it’s too far fetched to draw in hot, rich clients. Although, you won’t really know until you yet.


Has anyone try to ask an entity for help on this?


Ada, In the pamphlet Frimost and Klepoth by JSK, the author says that Frimost helped him in such a situation.