Get into trance in 1 minute

Hi there new magician’s,

When i first started learning magic and practicing i struggled getting into “the trance state” so since i am preparing for a ritual tonight. I thought why not post the video i found on youtube that describes how to get into trance in 1 minute. I tried it myself and as soon as i did it i seen highlight of other colors (energies) and felt the shift in my conscious mind.

Here is the link:
the lesson actually starts at 2:50

Enjoy and i hope this is helpful, be blessed.

Hail Lucifer
Hail Belial


Thank you for sharing this!:blush:

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glad to be of a help. enjoy

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Thank you! Here lately I’ve had a lot of trouble getting my mind calm enough to get anywhere with my meditations. I’ll be giving this a try next time!

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Thanks . very useful .

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i am glad to hear this will be of a help :slight_smile:

of course, your welcome.

Yeah, I’m still struggling to get into a trance state. Binaural beats don’t seem to help, isochronic tones just drive me up a tree, etc. The video did absolutely nothing for me (except make my eyes burn from looking at one thing for too long…), but I’ll keep trying with guided hypnosis mp3s.


maybe u were staring at it. try to relax ur eyes and observe your surroundings while looking at one spot

Wasn’t staring at it. That kind of stuff just doesn’t work for me for whatever reason. I maybe slip into alpha eventually, but otherwise I just get incredibly bored.

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