"Get Fucked!" Magickal Applications

“Get Fucked!”
Magickal Applications

“Get Fucked!” That’s the first thing I say when I decide to get out of bed. I say it softly by way of bracing personal affirmation and profound moral reference point, then I repeat it more loudly as a Magickal demarcation-line-in-the-sand: my little banishing ritual. Also helps clear the throat.

“Get Fucked!” still carries Magickal power and can be used as part of more elaborate Banishing rituals – particularly regarding bad habits. With emotional delivery and physical exhaustion (at least to begin with) the ancient, time tested evocation will work - when directed - to wear down a victim with lots of small but persistent and thereby consequential problems and/or dogged health/energy issues.

“Get Fucked!” can also be chanted until it sinks into your (still-mind) subconscious. Vividly visualise the desired effects then the mighty call – whether spat out as a yell or delivered quietly as a whispered curse. If you can get hold of a personal item of your intended victim that’s great. In the past I’ve used, used tissues. It’s hard to get anything more personal than a snotty tissue, at least while remaining covert. If it’s just you and your powers harnessed to the work – no spiritual entities - I don’t know exactly why a personal item sets up such a really great link with your intended and I don’t care. It does.

(For what it’s worth, I discovered these techniques by accident a long time ago.)