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How can i sell my soul to get rich and famous

:man_facepalming:t3: You can’t. But use search :mag: and read about pacts.

But first make an introduction please


…after you post your introduction, please tell us what you’ve done to work towards this goal. Magick won’t make wealth and fame appear out of thin air, and since you never posted an intro to tell us what experience you have with any type of magick, it’s going to be hard to guide you.


I suggest reading The Kybalion, for starters.

Even if you could sell your soul (you can’t) it would be completely foolish, considering talismans and working with angels can get you guaranteed fame. After a while though, you’ll begin to realize that fame is overrated and can make it very difficult to find the solitude necessary to meditate.

I’ll say this now so that you understand for future reference. We are all fragmented incarnations of higher-dimensional (5D+) souls, experiencing this world through limited 3D space + 1D time perception. At the highest dimension, every single one of us is connected as one singular mind. The soul of this singular mind is in all of us, and you can’t really sell yourself to yourself.

Through meditation, remote viewing, and astral projection, one can slowly and incrementally develop the ability to perceive reality in higher dimensions while still in the flesh. You are way more powerful than you think, and to even flirt with the notion of selling your soul for something as pointless as fame in this short, temporary life in the flesh is silly, and more or less a misunderstanding of how the greater physics of our reality works. There are higher dimensions full of far greater pleasures, accessible to you right now through the powerful mind that you’re equipped with.


There’s no market for it because there’s plenty of supply but no demand. So, basically, no one can sell a soul because no one is buying. No one wants it!

When people have mentioned selling their soul they usually mean their life is dedicated to a certain deity/spirit/purpose. At least that’s what I’ve encountered. Not sure about everyone else.

BTW Poiel can help…

But, are you serious??
I’m concerned this is a troll post.
Either that or maybe OP has watched too many YT conspiracy videos. Lol.

Be well

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Sadly my friend it doesn’t work that way in real life. However if you put in the hard work into magick and your self development then you can learn to easily enhance how people view you and treat you and how to bring wealth and abundance into your life. Your the only one who can do this work for yourself and manifest these changes in your life.

Good luck and take care in the things you seek.


Yeah, the “sell your soul” trope is pretty much JCI propaganda, a way for medieval xtians to label someone they didn’t like so the church could dehumanise them and use the excuse to torture them, imprison then and steal all their stuff.
It’s been romanticised since, but that doesn’t make it real.

There’s a lot of people here asking the same question, usually musicians - the search will give you a few ideas on who to work with to encourage opportunities to build your reputation and popularity.


If you really want to sell your “soul” to get rich and famous, then just find a way to alter/align your beliefs and perception in that direction. That is all selling your soul really boils down to shifting your consciousness to an outcome (another state of consciousness). Your eternal Self can neither be bought nor sold – no matter what you do.

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Thought: possible origin of “selling your soul for music”

A disgruntled fan complaining to a band that they sold out to the man ‘Dude! You sold out! You sold your soul man. I am so done with you and your music now. Sellout’.


Not saying that’s how it got started. Just offering a silly thought on it for the heck of it .


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