Get experience before anything

Hey friends , i recently discovered this forum and it’s really interesting and full of resources i love it. I just want to say i have been reading alot of threads and i realized god alot of people are like not aware of certain danger. I don’t want to judge no one but i wish i could’ve bring back a couple of you guys in a voodoo ritual back in Haiti, at the second goat ritual when blood is splashing your face and you start hearing and seeing shit, you would shit on yourself and realise it’s not a game. Let me put it that way evryone have a knife at home and we don’t care but the first time you will have to defend yourself and you grab that knife and miss the target and he get the knife and stab you in the leg… now you will understand how a knife can be dangerous. Be careful with sending curses they can come back at you with alot more strength, be careful with love potions and love spells, might change the person you love forever or even harm them. Practice know what you are doing , don’t do random shit, don’t be halfhearted/half invested. Don’t be a 5years old with a knife.

Much love brothers and sisters.


The others would say. That is me getting experience.

Or at least do the small spells first for experience . right? No knife here. Just my hands waving around . =o) And the curse i sent… i’m not around those people. No contact rule from them after they did wrong. That’s in my favor as i’m not around them acting crazy. haha.

Well im not judging no one evryone can do what they want imo. I just saw alot of backfire that went really wrong and want people to realise that you can harm yourself.

You’d probably reach more people if you shared your own experiences of backfire etc., than acting like only people who go to Haiti and sacrifice a few goats can comprehend, or effectively perform, magick. :thinking:

A lot of us know this isn’t a game (or at least, that it’s not an intellectual exercise which can be larped and fabricated), and the more people share first-hand experiences rather than lecturing, the better. Kind of “show your working,” instead of just expecting people to swallow a final conclusion.

Authority and respect can only be earned on here, not demanded - we get “living gods” and “incarnate demons” showing up a few times a month expecting us to listen up and pay homage, it’s quite tedious!

Distinguish yourself by sharing real experiences, however, as a magician (or whatever title you prefer), and your words will reach those willing to hear. :smiley:


I agree totally like i told you i am new here and try to help around has much has i can. Atm it was mostly by pm and my expertise area. For the stories that i have experienced i will share in due times when i feel comfortable. I really don’t want people to think i am lecturing them or anything, is just that has a new member of this forum the first post you get in your link area are usually the one of other new member. And by talking with a few in pm i realized not everyone know what they are doing, experience first is a key and hoping for instant results (like my english) is probably not going to happen , i don’t belive in mega shortcuts.
And i live in Canada my dad is from Morocco, i was just sharing a small story that happened to me in Haiti using it as an exemple not insinuating nothing. So i am sorry if i didn’t formulate well, not only that i am learning alot of different aspects of magick that i didn’t know but also reading and practicing my English. Just in my nature to want people to be safe i guess, after having a talk with a guy here that was about to do the wrong thing do it’s lover and he didn’t intend to so i guess i rushed my words.:speak_no_evil:



I know. most want to just cast spell and get quick fix. Most are probably kids. teenagers etc… The smart ones would just get a good magick book and learn the foundation. Any book would give you warning and many even advise protection circles , spell beforehand. IF those who want quick fix aren’t smart to get a book that gives you solid foundation then it’s on them.

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