Get ex back--need advice

I’m trying to get my ex-girlfriend back. The breakup really caught me by surprise because the relationship was generally healthy, with a couple arguments towards the end, but nothing worth a breakup in my opinion. We didn’t have a long relationship, less than two months, but she swept me off my feet and we were head over heels for each other—things moved quickly. I should also mention that there is an unborn in the mix—ours.

I had multiple long-term relationships in the past and never felt anything like this before. My love for her continues to grow, and yet, she wants nothing to do with me. I am not searching for lust; our sex life made me feel like a pornstar. I am looking to rekindle the love that we shared.

I know a black magickian who will perform a ritual with Astaroth. I was provided with a list of instructions to follow after the ritual is completed.

I thought about putting a sigil under my pillow after opening it. However, I am unsure which spirit (Sallos, Beleth, Gremory, etc) is most appropriate for this matter. I’m also concerned this might interfere with, or decrease the effectiveness of one of our workings. If so, is there a spirit that won’t interfere with the black magickian and their working with Astaroth?

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Sallos and Amon. Read evoking eternity and follow the steps.

I’m only asking this for clarification of the overall situation before offering advice (not prying into your personal life): so your ex is pregnant with your unborn child? Has she told you what she intends to do in terms of the pregnancy?


I will look into this. Thank you.

You don’t think this will interfere with the black magickian’s work?


She is keeping the baby. We actually planned it. Things moved very fast. We’ve been in and out of communication since the breakup, but now she has blocked me for several weeks. Every time I think we move one step forward, it’s 10 steps back.

Just the connection that the baby will bring should suffice. As long as you guys didn’t have a bad break up, a little bit of space and time should work. Focus on being a father and back off a little and that alone may do the trick.