Get by with a little help from my friends

Hey guy,

I have an amazing opportunity coming my way. I came up with the idea of producing a Motown/soul review here in Dallas. Some of the best talent in town stepped up to help me. Great male and female vocalists, phenomenal pianist and guitarist, and some great horns. Im pretty excited from a musical stand point but I was thinking:

What if I had some poweful magick behind this little project. I mean more than I could provide myself. You know a little boost from my friends here at balg! It would be greatly appreciated and I would gladly lend the same effort toward your projects in return. If you’re down to help let me know. Thanks in advance amigos!


Im down for it bro, just let me know when and I will do an evocation for it…Suhn’tal’ock perhaps…

I’m in too. Let me know when and I will get started.

Suhn’tal’ock was just the spirit I had in mind to work with. Also going to use Hent’yos and Mammy’aon for their ability remove obstacles and inspire musicians. I used Hent’yos a couple of months ago to increase my recognition of audio vibrations, and pitch recognition. The results have been stunning, I memorize songs faster, my musical memory increased, and most importantly my soloing ability has greatly increased in the last couple of months since evoking Hent’yos with this task in early october.

In general since learning evocation last year and working with the spirits from Evoking Eternity and BOA my music career has taken on a new life. More compliments after shows, more great musicians asking to work with me and my audience numbers are increasing! I had a show last month in front of 2500 people. I want to ride the whirlwind as high as it will take me, see if it’s possible to play the music I love with great musicians and have an appreciative audience.

Thanks for any and all help.

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I’m in. Just waiting for your instructions.

Wow I could have done knowing this when i was a music student at uni in the 90’s