Get a girl to DM you

How to get a girl to dm you when you absolutely have no contact with her, I don’t want to dm her first lol any suggestions

Why not? Women are just humans you know, not untouchable Ming vases. Approach and talk to her like you would any other non-familial person if you are looking to make friends. And if you are looking for something more just lead with something like “hey, I think you are attractive and I’d like to get to know you more if the feeling is mutual.”

Some may say that leading with that is “objectifying” women but pay no mind to that because more often than not people prefer to look at someone they find aesthetically pleasing while talking to them.


Orias, Dantalion or any other demon/spirit/whatever that can fuck minds up.

Hermes, Ganesh, Thoth and other gods of communication would work too.

Dm her first. Believe me, it’s not about chasing and being chased.

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what if she friendzones :confused:

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It’s not so simple. People are not so simple.

I just suggest that you portray who you really are. Then, you’ll be able to skip to the rejection.

Shit happens. Move on. It is not the worse thing that can happen.

Aren’t you gay, Maxwell? And do not do that, Ogisha, you’ll erase her interest and excitement straight away if she is interested in you. The “getting to know” part is like a dance; you reveal a little, and then allow her to reveal a little, and so on and so forth until your common interests have been revealed (if you have any) and you have a foundation of talking points built which reduces the awkwardness you may or may not both feel because you have plenty of subjects to talk about that you are both interested in discussing.

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I’m not talking about homosexuality. They’re just disrespecting the person already, and I can tell that they need some more empathetic experience. It’s not so simple.

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And it doesn’t matter that I’m gay? This is basic human decency.


How is that disrespectful?

Well you wouldn’t ask a plumber to bake you a cake if you wanted a decent cake, would you?

I think you are being hyperbolic.

The problem is they’re being treated as a condition. Look at the wording. Their adaption is based around a hollow framework of ideals and fiction. Example: Friend zoning. Like seriously. Suddenly we are afraid to talk to people because they might friend zone us. The idea of a friend zone is toxic, too, like being with someone who is interested is a blight.

Humans follow certain relationship guidelines and ideals. You might not ask a plumber to bake a cake, but you might ask an engineer to look at the circuiting of a toy car. This is the correct equation.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but you are analysing too deeply for the problem posited by the OP. You are only going to make him more neurotic.

Yes, that is true and silly but discussing this does not help the OP.

What? My point was that you go for the field most suited to tackle the problem, which in this case is a straight male or female.

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I’m really not analyzing the human condition too deeply. It’s a macrocosm that never ends.

You are for the problem at hand. It is close to derailing the thread. He needs straight, coherent answers that are going to help him in the now, not a study on social conventions.

But this is all I shall say on the matter because the social justice crusaders are out in full force tonight with their flags.

I gave him his answer, and I gave you yours. You asked why I said what I did, and I told you.

Plant a seed in her comments and likes, if she notices DM.

Women liked to be chased a little.


I would say spell work but there is that whole situation about free will and all. So I would say reach out to her and talk with her and just be yourself you would be surprised how far you will get.

Blessed Be!

How to get a girl to Dm you actually go to her first. Comment on stuff at some value to her. You can influence her, but you have to do some work to get her attention first. I got the Black magicians equivalent to roses in a comment once. That got my attention, then I saw a picture of him in a scanning thread with was enough to get me to message him. If it wasn’t for his work though I wouldNr have noticed him, be fair I wasn’t really looking.

I also like being DM’d first if you get friend zone you get friend zoned. Girls takes guts out of the friend zone all the time just an FYI.

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Are you asking how to use magic to get a girl to message you who doesn’t know you exist? If so, you are in for disappointment. It won’t happen. Just relax and hit her up.

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…ok, I’m not a dentist, but I guess I’ll make an attempt at pulling some teeth.

When you say you have no contact with her, is it because something happened previously between the two of you and the end result is “no contact”? Meaning she doesn’t want to be bothered? If no, then you only go around once, either send the dm or at least take the suggestion previously posted and at least plant a seed.

I hate the term “friendzoned”, there’s nothing wrong with a woman wanting to only be your friend. If she only wants to be your friend, maybe take the time to get to know her, be her friend, make her gain some trust in you, take the time to become attracted to you etc.

That’s assuming you don’t know her though, and if you don’t reach out & make your presence or just your existence known, you won’t ever know and therefore won’t have anything to give any magick to work with :woman_shrugging:t5: