Germanic pathworking

Hello All,

I decided recently that I would like to begin pathworking the Germanic/Nordic magick system. I was raised Christian but have discarded much of the dogma surrounding that religion but have retained belief in angels/ demons and more importantly a kabbalistic view of Creator. Ive made a point to not worship any gods from world pantheons as I am fairly interested in Greek/Roman, Egyptian, Hindu, and Japanese systems as well. In my opinion I will only kneel to that which cannot be knelt before, worship that which cannot be worshipped.

Anyways, I was wondering if any of you could help me with resources I could peruse to work this path without the need for idol worship, etc. and more of a guide relationship with these entities as opposed to worship of deities.

In my dreams and while my eyes are closed I have been seeing visions of a warrior dressed in green with long flowing red/brown hair either fighting with a spear or simply staring at me and figured this path was calling me.

I have been learning futhark through Josh Simonds book and other than general knowledge of the mythos thats about all I know concerning this path.

I am specifically looking for a pathworking that will acquaint me with the various deities of my forefathers while also learning the various magicks of that culture. Any help would be appreciated in finding these sources.


This is a path I constantly return to myself.

I’m going to grab my materials and make a list for you. Be right back :wink:


Currently walking this path. It’s one of the most amazing and fulfilling ones.

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First, I would go on to YouTube and watch the videos Asbjörn left behind. All of them. What’s there will give you a lot of information in a condensed amount of time.

Freyia Norling’s channel gives both historical and spiritual insight. She’s helpful:

Arith Harger is very historical in nature. Looking back at the ancestors give us hints on how to work the magick of old:

Asbjörn’s old videos:

Order of the Völur (I wish they would come back):

Thunderwizard aka Mahadeva, he has interesting view points and can teach some useful techniques for the shamanic aspects:

Frater Magni, an old friend of mine:

DISCLAIMER: I dont ABSOLUTELY agree with this guy, but there are things on his channel that you should FOR SURE listen to:

Black Earth Productions:


I’ll come back with books.

Edit: my DMS are open if you want someone to give you advice, guidance, etc as apparently according to my birth chart it’s my destiny to help people expand spiritually.

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Thank you for all the resources, I will watch the videos before DM so I don’t come across as a complete plebian :sweat_smile:. I am especially looking forward to learning the shamanic aspects as I’ve been working with some Native American animal magicks recently and would really enjoy learning about the Northern European people’s relationship with nature as well.

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How goes the videos?

Its a lot of content and i work an insane amount but this weekend im gonna matrix download it all into my head so i will update you then. I really appreciate how much you are putting into helping me out and i hope i will have something to give back soon.

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Matrix download?

:sweat_smile: yeah like in the movie “the matrix” where information on a plethora of ideas, skills, etc. can be downloaded into the brain. Was a joke about how im going to binge as many videos as possible, sorry for the confusion

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