Its This guy I met a couple days ago keep in mind he wasn’t that smart. He Said he had purchased Robert Bruce mastering kundalini program.

He said he had crazy experiences as far mentally. He said he was learning at turbocharged super fast rate. He learned the following he told me in days

  1. Calculus math
  2. scientific math
    3.advanced reading
    And countless other subjects.
    Did you guys have the same or similar experiences as this guy did. And is this possible with doing kundalini.
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Completing the kundalini will NOT make you a genius if you are not one already. This guy you met is exaggerating if not outright lying. What it will do, though, is help your brain/mind run more efficiently. So, if this guy was befuddled, and mentally lazy, the energy of the kundalini would seem like it kicked his brain into overdrive. Think of it like putting high octane fuel into your car. The capabilities of the car don’t change, but you can get more out of it because it is running at the top of its capacity, compared to if you filled it with fuel that was full of additives that left particulates in your engine.

Kundalini can also increase the physical strength of your body, because your nerves and muscles are pumped full of oxygen and blood. If you want a very good idea of the possible effects of the kundalini from a Western perspective, I recommend Path Notes of An American Ninja Master by Glenn Morris. He went through the kundalini using Nei Gong and explains the effects he experienced as well as those of his students. he also covers the possible problems you might encounter.

Edit to add: Be aware that everyone is different, and has different capabilities and the energy of the kundalini will enhance any skills you already possess and possibly bring out latent talents, but it will not give you something you do not already have,

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Did he happen to know that one of your primary quests is for improved learning and cognitive skills?

Because that seems like the kind of reply young guys (to stereotype somewhat) will give when they hear someone else wants something very badly, for all kinds of reasons.

So I’d suggest not taking this as 100% accurate and replicable, but doing the work yourself might help you.


I agree with you. I feel like some of what the guy said was real because he did seem very intelligent after a week. But I don’t believe all of what he said.

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Did you know him at all before he started the Kundalini work?


Nah not really

Everyone that posts on this forum has wings and can fly, and those with Y in their screen names have fax machines where normal mortals only have knees.

This must be true because I just said so.

Se what I’m getting at here…? :wink:


In his defense, accelerated learning and well above average capabilities is supposed to be an effect of kundalini work. But I’d say the chances are that he’s just full of shit. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It sounds like ur friend was bullshitting but that shouldent over shadow the fact that this is something which is completely possible but rare and most people even many who are very advanced have bad information on this. I have been walking around a little pissed off about this subject for a number of years. Because the prevailing popular assumptions of genius which i hear restated ever so often whenever this subject comes up are partially wrong. Some of the reasons for this are because some of the most popular natural born congenital geniuses who exist in the public themslves have been unintentionally spreading misinformation about the possibilities of the state of genius because they have never seen anyone attain it, and they themselves were just simply born with it. Some of them do not believe in the existance of things such as the kundalini. These are very gifted people such as for example Woody Allen who I very much love and respect but i think doesn’t understand something about this subject or he is consciously lying about it for some reason. But because he is so revered for his masterful artistic gifts & sophistication he has errantly influenced some of the standards of what most of us think of today when we think of genius. However he dosent know about or believe in the existance of the sort of genius which can be accomplished thru kundalini yoga which is similar to the attainment of siddhis that can actually be stabilized if one is so inclined, & committed. People claim there are other effective methods besides yoga to do this. There probably are but I don’t know a lot about them. Another misnomer about this state is that its a state of hyper energy that the person is filled with which gives them profound capacitys. The reason why this is incorrect has to do with the fact that the genius state is actually very very slow. True geniuses usually have very slow & healthy heart rates and excellent blood pressure which is superior to that of an average persons. From what i understand genius is a state of heart rate and brain wave harmoney in which the 2 sync together to create the state. It tends to be a very efficant & healthy state to be in. Where less energy gets wasted and problems more often tend to work themselves out without a person forcefully struggling to find the answers to them. The answers just come to u without trying and the mind is very clear and works very well and pleasurably. There is an access to incredible concentration, artistic inspiration, rivery, and photographic memory. From what I understand from personal experience in my kundalini awakenings as well as what i have read on this subject is that the attainment of something like this is potentially possible for just about everybody. Especially temporarily, but in order to permanently stabilize and attain a state like this it would take extreme dedication, practice, and discipline. Often when the kundalini rises the state of genius spontaneously occurs. This is because the kundalini effects naturally cause the heart rate and brain waves to syncopate resulting in the state of genius.

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