Gentle Recommendations

Gentle Recommendations on
Style, The Command to Look and Taro

LaVey taught me the quintessential, encompassing importance of style. I don’t follow fashion, I set it. Why not? I’m a living God! I know how to cast (first) impressions. I’m always armed with a number of weapons and up for any action which may present itself. Better to die on your feet than to live on your knees – for me anyway. If you die fighting and full of adrenaline you pass over with full consciousness. Ask a Berserker.

I can make people turn around and look at me. I practice when standing in queues. So should you. I can also blend into the herd. I have the ability to collect and manipulate the energy of crowds, particularly if speaking to several hundred – although I haven’t done that in a long time. In part I learnt energy collection, direction and manipulation by adopting the body posture of Elhaz (with palms facing upwards), initially barefoot on grass outside. I recommend it as it’s quick and not many practitioners use it.

[Having practised you now know how to effectively gather energies from ‘the atmosphere’. Before you enter the stage you collect the energies needed and then make the sign of Osiris Risen so the energy is in you – then walk onto the stage. No one knows why but all their eyes are riveted on you. Then you speak…]

I recommend studying Taro card designs online until one speaks to you. This can take weeks. I recommend purchasing an approximately one metre square of 100% natural material (I use black cotton) to both wrap your cards and use and a spreading cloth. Get a 100% all natural material drawstring bag that will fit your wrapped cards. I also recommend not purchasing books by other people. Not at first. Just lay the cards out and become familiar with their recurrent images and story.
Start with Atu 0 through to Atu VI.
Then Atu VII to Atu XIII.
Then Atu XIV to Atu XX.
After that you’ll gain the world and you can buy into what other people think. I highly recommend Alfred Douglas’ The Tarot. I also know and appreciate something of his training. And if you think that the Taro is just about divination you don’t deserve to own a deck!

An important, often overlooked aspect of divination is how you ask the question. Imagine you’re inquiring about a war. Are you inquiring as a King or Queen, as a General, as a muddy boots foot-soldier or a whore who follows the troops? Each can ask the same question and each will get the appropriate answer.

A completely separate deck of Taro cards can also be used actively as a talisman, because Taro cards represent energies. It’s so weird that few Magicians use this method. Ditto chanting. The O.N.A. are the only lhp organisation to my knowledge prescribing chanting. How bizarre!