Genius Locæ

I work outside and encounter them regularly. Glad to see a post about this. A very strong one in Athens, Georgia used to speak to me in dreams; the feel of their current is unlike everything else, easily discernible from other spirits.

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I’ve met quite a few, some friendly, some less so but all have been old, wise and protective.

[quote=“Jpj, post:21, topic:9586”]
feel of their current is unlike everything else, easily discernible from other spirits
Omg yes!

My favourite was attached to a really old Oak tree in a park in Leeds, uk…I absolutely adored him and felt he was fond of me too. I’ve never felt safer or more at peace than I did sitting under that tree in his presence.


@Amber That’s beautiful. Have you encountered the spirit of a natural spring? So chaotic and powerful. Not particularly kind.

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I met one up in Scotland, gave me butterflies but not in a good way. Strong, unpredictable and yes with an unkindness about them
Also came across one at a waterfall, she was unbelievable powerful with a mercurial energy…was fascinated by her but didn’t hang around too long ha!

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That must have been amazing!

This thread has brought back some fantastic memories!

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id like one!

When I first moved to Dayton, Ohio, I made it a point to contact one of the earth/tree spirits at the local park near me by the river. It’s literally a few minutes walk down the street from me. I have had good fortune ever since. I’ve left loose change, snacks and poured libations of wine and vodka at trees nearby. And, I found a crossroads to make offerings to Papa Legba and the ancestors. I am told that the spirits approve and accept my offering.

I work at a factory myself. I should try to make friends with the land/earth spirits here.

Also, to add to what @Sortiarus aid above, some of these spirits have also been known as jinn or elementals. Some are ancestral spirits connected to certain areas like ancient ceremonial areas, tribal lands, old cemeteries, etc. Some of these beings have appeared/posed as extraterrestrials. Notice how most “UFO/alien sightings” happen in the wilderness/desolate/wooded areas?

Nature spirits work well with servitors/thoughtforms and get along well with the goetic entities (from the Goetia) in my experience.

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Would you mind going into this a little more? I will admit, I’ve never teamed up entities in this way. Which goetic entities have you worked with nature spirits?

King Paimon, Duchess Bune, Lord Belial to name a few.

Simple : call them and make an offering. :slightly_smiling_face:…like any other god or spirit.