Geniune, body possession, is it possible and how?

Hi, i’m new, I had joined because I want to gather opinions and/or experiences on this subject.

I’m curious about possession by spirits or entities onto a human. I’m mainly talking about where the spirit has actual control, either full or partial, of the body.

I’ve also heard of a “lighter” version, mainly called hosting. My ultimate goal is having one of my spirit friends possess me, even if its just a small part of my body, like my hands.

I’d like a lot of my practice to eventually go towards achieving this, but i’m not sure where to start at all, or even if anyone has done this before. I have read some recounts on other spirit keeping websites that do help me think that it is possible though. I’d like to hear opinions, or just anything that could help, from here as well. Thanks!

It depends on the spirit and it’s motivation. Possession by a higher being via deep invocation can be very healing and lend you traits you don’t have alone.

Possession by a lesser entity that is only riding you because it’s not good enough to incarnate into a human body of it’s own is likely to land your body in an institution or prison and is generally a life destroying idea, so, not advised. Always keep control.


It’s absolutely possible. Many of the systems I work with and have been initiated into are spirit possession systems. I’ve been possessed, physically ( inside, moving my body at will) by many tantric deities, by many masters from various traditions, by dragons, by the Lwa (Vodoun)-Legba, Gran Bwa, La Siren, the Ghede, by Ancestor spirits in my Buryat training (not so much after) , by a Fae Godesss who is a little like Kali in their realm…and, with my teacher, basically anything whatsoever he conjures, sometimes one being after another without much, if any, of a break between them.

All safe, (as an initiate) all amazing, all useful, (at least initially) - now it’s a matter of course ( I run ceremony weekly) and always on behalf of others and not myself…now most of my own students get possessed during ceremony also, even new people who show up- who are often…suprised, despite the. full on descriptions of such beforehand!

I also written part of my Masters Degree in the study if Mysticism on the subject as I’ve been interested since childhood (now lost to time, I’m afraid)

So, it’s real, just not at all like the movies- (in y own case) smooth, easy, in and out with no trouble whatsoever. They come, they go, I’m left empowered and without a single head turned backwards!

See ‘drawing down the spirits’ by Raven Kaldera for an excellent intro to the subject (all their books are authentic and great).


Wow, thanks so much for the information and the book recommendation! I’ll check it out for sure.
It makes me happy to know that it is possible, though.
Do you happen to hold ceremony online or is it an in-person study? I ask because I’d be interested in learning more haha

I have a bunch of courses etc online…but ceremony is for in person only and absolutely not something that could be done online. I’m not going to post my site etc as I feel that would be disrespectful and inappropriate (I’m not here to gain clients) but should you ever think of coming to peru, I’ll happily help you.

Many blessings.

That’s you forth at. We wouldn’t be offended, but it’s against the rules so we’d have to remove it. You are free however to post your site in your profile if you wish. :slight_smile:

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Same as for you @easyL.

It’s definitely possible. I work extremely closely with a specific jinn who, when needed, violently possesses me for a few minutes. I’ve only had to do it twice in very extreme situations, but it’s definitely possible. I would firstly ensure you’re really working with said spirit before you allow something like this though, via divination.

Hope you saw my answer! It’s weird, I swear I’d sent, but anyway, apologies!


Hi, so sorry to necro this thread but I couldn’t find any sort of PM system haha, actually, next month or the month after, I was thinking of heading to peru for a weekend for a short vacation. I’d actually love to see what’s up and attend ceremony if you’d allow me to :slight_smile: