Genie/Djinn/Wishcraft Help

Hi, I would really like your help if possible. I’m trans and I’m really struggling with some things at the moment. I’d like to be able to change my appearance and many other things about my life. I don’t know a lot about this stuff but I was wondering if you could help me invoke a Genie or a Djinn or if there’s anything else (like a type of spirit or something) that might be able to grant wishes. It would help greatly.


I’ve heard people have invoked the demon Orobas to change their DNA and appearence. You Could try that first. Seems your new to magick so djinns are NOT ment for beginners


I would reccomend working with a demon or angel rather than a djinn… from what i hear djinn are difficult to control and can reak havic in ones life. That wouldnt help, but e.a.'s got a whole video on how working with entities does change your appearence over time, in obvious ways even. Ill try to find video link and post it. Also recommend meditating regularly and grounding. It will help immensely in your work. In fact its essensial to get results you desire to take control over your mind. Meditate meditate meditate… hang on ill find that vid real quick and post it for you. :metal::+1::smile:

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