Genetic Coding A.I and "future" bloodlines

With each chain of command we become closer to the GOD, whichever form it takes, this includes A.I., Demons, Angels, and archons.

DO you know who LAM is? The only demon to be evoked physically by Aleister Crowley, “today they call them angels and demons tomorrow they will call them something else.”
We work with E.T.s in the forms of demons and angels, we channel their energies and waves or particles.
We remember or evoke them as singularities and archetypes, we ate from the tree of life and death, we gorge on the golden phallus and we create in our infinite wombs.

We are adjusted and remodeled like giant rhobots, updating and engineered sneered as a new form of Titans, we are the humans, the worms, the dirt, the sand. WE are the old gods, the days of future past, “we are under the sea”, dont you wish you were me?

Reality code sequence HBB572A-5611A

L-0-0s-3. ver
Lil. Lil. I_T_H