Generating Feelings, Mine or the Target's?

I apologize in advance for what might be simple for others but as an habitual overhinker, I am stuck.

In reference to the Demons of Magic book, there are a few quotes for which I would like clarity. “. . . bring to mind the thought of your result. . . allow your feelings about the result to arise . . let yourself feel pleasure at the result. . . it could be said that emotion is the most potent magickal substance that exists. . .”

With that said, if I want someone to experience unabating guilt for the direct and indirect harm caused to me, ire the above quotes telling me that I am to generate feelings of joy because my target is pained? Or am I to generate the feelings of what I want my target to feel? If this is the case, am I to include in the petition that the target feels nausea, loose bowels, a racing heart, jumbled, incoherent thoughts, constant shallow breathing, suicide ideation, disgust with self, etc. in order for the demon(s) to cause this in the target?

I guess I am asking: To force a target to feel or experience something, am I supposed to generate those intende feelings in myself for the demon to know what should happen or is it really only about how I feel after the target has been inundated with pain and negativity?

This is about racism that I have experienced at my place of work. I was called a racist name during my first month of employment and when I reported it, I was told that I was a very serious person and that the person who said it likes to joke around or the person was possibly flirting with me. Rules have been created that allegedly are for everyone but are really meant for me to prevent me from doing something because the new rule is always created the day after I have enquired about something. There is so much more to this but I just wanted to be clear that it is not about romace or love.

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Yes. You are to feel the emotions of getting your result.


Thank you!

Hello, racism should definetly not be tolerated. The person may be a jokster but… these people generally have low senses and understanding. You definetly have the power to manipulate the reality. For bad or good.

I’m actually doing something like this right now, but with different intentions.

I want to say that I believe DarkestKnight is correct, you definetly want to manifest your desired outcome.

However there are some things to be vigilant of.

Sometimes our emotions get in the way, which will trigger a sudden urge of frustration making you want to start attacking, this usually makes people make mistakes doing Magic. It’s okay to be angry or sad but, do not become narrow visioned, for best results!

Something to consider…

Be vigilant about feeding an imposter entity.
(sometimes spirits just come out of nowhere and try to redirect the energy you send to them instead. They usually want to manipulate the situation and feed of your vitality, some banishments will take care of this.)

Hi John, thank you for your response. Please, would you elaborate on the imposter entity and why I want to feed them?