Generalized vs targeted magick- which is stronger?

Like would performing a ritual to make everyone at your workplace see you in a positive light be stronger or weaker than performing a ritual to make just one person see you in a positive light? Does magick that is more general get ‘diluted’ so to speak, or would a ritual effecting ten people be just a strong as a ritual effecting one person?


It depends entirely on your goal, but to get anywhere, it usually requires a combination of general and specific targeting.

For example, say you want to get with a girl. You first do a generalized spell to give yourself an aura of confidence, charisma, and sex appeal. You go out with female friends with the purpose of being seen (there is this concept in psychology called social proof. If you walk in to a club with a girl or two on your arm, you will get more attention from women than if you walk in alone, because it signals to them that other women find you attractive).

Once you have laid the ground work, you then target the specific person you’re after with a lust or love spell. If you’re already generally seen as an attractive, charismatic man, then the love spell will have an easier time affecting your target, especially if her social group already approves of you.

No, magick that is more general is not “diluted.” General targeting is best utilized when you want an all around increase in something, be it attention, prosperity, friendship, whatever, without any defined end. Specific spells are best when you have a definitive goal in mind. For example, you could do a general prosperity spell to help maintain the flow of your finances, but perform specific wealth rituals to increase the amount of money coming in. Or a general health spell to keep you healthy, and then specific healing spells when you you do eventually fall ill.


Thanks for your reply, this info is really helpful.

Targetted sometimes feels stronger but generalised is simpler and usually, more generally effective + generalisation does something very important, i.e. it prevents illusory attachment to any one thing or person including you.


Thanks for your reply. Interesting point about attachment.

My approach is to pair inner with the outer. For example, you want to be seen in a good light. The outer is influencing others to see you in said manner. The inner would be working (ex. The 42 angels) on internal confidence and social ease.


I like this, it feels like would cover all the bases.