General scan please

I haven’t asked for a scan in almost a year except an aura one and was wondering if anyone can give me a scan for any blockages, energy leaks, chakras that need worked on, aura, etc. I’m just trying to figure out some things and strengthen myself spiritually cause something is coming. I can feel it in my core it’s neither bad or good I just know there’s something massive that will be happening soon and my gut is NEVER wrong. Last time I felt this way, I was ripped from everything I knew and went through my dark night of the soul.

It’s gonna affect a lot of people idk how, why or to what effect. A few nights ago, there was a massive lightening storm and as I was walking I kept seeing a man-lion in my mind, powerful as fuck doing man-lion stuff. I became lucid and dizzy while walking and he kept saying stuff like strength in all areas of self, becoming the master of our world, getting rid of all weaknesses to be aplha hunters, etc. It was intense lol

A friend told me there’s a 99% chance I channelled the spirit/energy of theLeo constellation since I’m a triple starseed and were all space and shit

I’ll do it but for future reference try to keep information others told you to a minimum when asking for scans because what your friend told you might not be accurate and it’ll muddle the scans of those who might be more prone to frontloading.

there’s no such thing as a triple starseed. A starseed is a individual soul who is reincarnated on this planet who are from the stars or another planetary body here for a purpose or not. A triple starseed would denote you have 3 souls.

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All I can say is no matter what treat women with kindness and respect no matter what!!!

That’s what I get