General questions

How do you know what type of witchcraft is right for you?
How do you know it is beneficial to you instead of being harmful spiritually dangerous to your health, mental wellbeing?
How do people know they are worthyof bed of lucifer/satan/definitely know they are or want to be a satanist. My boyfriend is a satanist, he told me when I asked that he had a “feeling” so that lead him to become a satanist.

I don’t think there are many who would consider themselves satanist. A good bit, probably majority, do work with demons though. Many are led here for different reasons such as love, vengeance, power, money, and personal growth. Which path you end up on is personal to you and is found through alot of research and trial and error.


This right here is the religious mindset of a Christian. It places the spiritual up high and the physical down in the dirt, and makes people think that being in the physical somehow makes them inferior to whatever they think of as a higher power.

You are worthy of interacting with spirits by the simple fact that you exist. You are an embodiment of the Eternal, and no spirit is superior to you. You choose to call upon them as you will. That is your right. If anything, the spirit should prove its worth to you, for without you, they have no foothold in this realm.


Fair enough I’m not a a Christian though lol no offense to anyone that is though.

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You don’t have to be a Christian to have the mindset. It is endemic in Western culture.

I’ve never been religious at all, but when I got started in magick I thought along similar lines. “Oh, what if I’m not worthy to call upon this angel to help my lowly self?” “What if Azazel doesn’t think I’m worth his time?”

Needless to say, that kind of thinking wasn’t very beneficial to my magick lol


Fair enough that’s understandable.

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1.) Experimentation and analyzing results
2.) Same as number one.
3.) Usually studying material relating to the particular path and feeling as it resonates with them (as with any other faith or tradition). As for literally going to bed with any demon (as it does happen), you are worthy once you have been invited.

I for some reason (no idea where/why I got the idea on my hrad) for the devil to prove they are real by having sex with me, a incubus, may me experience sleep paralysis and raped me. Otherwise during a online, long distance relationship I had, the guy summoned the devil, spirits/demons to rape me, it wasn’t something I always wantec. I have no involvement with them now. My energy was drained a lot, I wasn’t aware of how to protect myself. He said he did a spell/ritual that was sexual in nature, but claimed when I asked him that he did nothing. I may have a spirit or demon attached to me now. He said he Sent the demons away from me. I was near to being possessed, it changed my personality, and I became obsessed with sex, self harm more often, he asked me to do that and take photos. I once heard so etching laugh at me and say “sacrifices have to be made” When my bedroom was dark, it looked like the darkness in my room became darker than the natural darkness in my room, like being cloaked in darkness. I never saw it, just felt, it’s heavy, oppressive precedence it made feel very hot, tired, sick, depressed, suicidal, anxious (already have depression, anxiety but I don’t self harm as much) I felt like I was being touched, raped, bitten sometimes (into bdsm/vampirism as a kink) Sam respects satan, he was abusive, probably just using g me for sex, used issues I have against me.
I don’t have a lot of money to be able to see my boyfriend (Tex) nd sort it out.

I have never experienced a demon raping anyone, so you may be dealing with something else entirely. I would recommend starting with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.

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Okay, as far as I know it was a incubus. Otherwise when I was a teenager, I left candles in my room in the shape of the inverted pentagram, something that I didn’t see, but felt opened my bedroom door. It seemed small like a imp possibly, it sat on my chest, I woke up with sleep paralysis when it happened and I couldn’t move or breathe but it then went away. It was creepy. I use a lot of sage, nothing weird or creepy has happened, for awhile.
Are there any obvious signs of a spirit or de Monica attachment and how will I know it has finally gone?

I have had a lot of negative online relationships with separate per last year and I feel like I drew them to me due to being depressed, anxious, spiritually and emotionally sensitive, sensitive to energy.
I attracted like minded people but in a negative way.

One person I had a relationship with is a satanist, vampire in vampiric/satanic cult, Sam caring, sadistic, abusive. I feel like I met them for a reason. I am doing okay now, working on self improvement.

Sounds like it. Keep up with the self development and work on things such as banishment, protection and astral sensing. I hesitate with definitive symptoms of spirit attachment as they tend to overlap quite a bit. The way I tell if something latches onto me is that I will feel something on my body, such as a slimy sensation for a lack of a better term. Those usually are parasites that are easy to take care of.

All magick, being the bending of the consensus reality to your Will can be “dangerous” to your mental well being? The Magick you do changes you as you change the World around you. It is because of this, I am always reminded of a quote by the Vorlons from the Series Babylon 5: “The Truth is a 3 edged sword”

There is the change we Will to happen, the change we do not Will to happen, and the change that we never Expected to happen.

As to which style of Practice is right? Why limit yourself? No Style is mutually exclusive of the other, and they all have techniques both in comman and you can learn to add to your personal skill set. I would recommend, however, limiting youself, in the beginning, to one at a time.

Magick is also not exclusive to any religion. It can be mastered with only belief in itself without dogma. One does not have to be a Satanist to talk with the “Demons” anymore than one has to be Irish or Gaelic to talk with the Fae.

Follow your inner compass and let the path unfold before you.


Okay, I appreciate your help. Is it possible to have a spiritual attachment that drains your energy but you aren’t aware of it?
I have never heard of astral sensing. Would there be information online about that?

Okay, I’m not a expert on witchcraft. I believe witchcraft can be harmful to some people of they choose to use it to hurt people on purpose for revenge, but it depends on the circumstances. Depression and trauma makes people vulnerable spiritually, I have experienced a lot of pain/trauma in my life, I have been through a lot of painful experiences. For example I wished continuously for a person that was bullying and harassing me to be injured in a car accident and die instantly or to be in a car accident, injured and then died in hospital. She was in a car accident, injured and then died in hospital. This happened when I was a teenager, I was fed up with being harassed for no reason, it did make me feel relieved, all I did was wish for it to happen. It happened exactly the way I wished it would happen, at the time I was very depressed, suicidal and addicted to self harming. I have no idea if I made it happen just by wishing it, I’m still not sure what granted my wish. I have never practised black magick, summoned demons or anything like that. I ask questions to learn and understand spiritual/occult related experience better.

Astral sensing is just another way of describing the claims (clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience,etc). Everyone can have them but they take some time to develope. So, yes there is a possiblity of spirits attaching to someone when they are not aware of it, as they may not have developed those sense yet.

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Thank you for replying. I’m still curious about development of telekinesis, pyrokinesis, vampirism and other psychic abilities. I need to do more research and I like reading books to understand things better. I might make a separate thread to ask for book recommendations related to subjects that I wish to understand fully indepth.

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