General Questions about demons

Should I be evoking multiple demons for different issues in my life? I obviously trust in them.

I’ve seen the flashes of the sigils almost immediately… Does this mean I’m connected? Like after a minute or two I see flashes around the sigil on the sigil it partial disappearing. Im of course listening to their enn. If so this is pretty awesome!!! Didn’t know I could go into trance that quickly.

When in trance, my mind is clearer, and calmer, I only here my inner talk. What I’m not sure of is it just me or is it the demon talking? It isn’t like normal inner talk either!

Intuition is gonna be your guide for a lot of these questions without straying too far off the deep end. So how do you feel about it?

Well really if it’s your inner talk or someone else’s is a matter of learning to tell the difference. YOu tell by actively listening to yourself, and if another voice shows up, shut off your brain and listen to it. Then it’s usually hard to interject yourself. If it stops, it probably was just you.

Hmmm their energies are so totally different and awesome. Why not starting with one every 3 days or so and enjoy them one by one. If there are too many is like exhausting

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I feel like I was in a different zone with the sigil flashing on the point where I had to stare at it more intense, I made partial contact or contact at least. Something was happened though I think next time I need to make more of an effort of concentration. I might try again this afternoon and just stare deeply at the sigil as it starts to sparkle and flash I will imagine it lifting off the paper in a 3D. At this time keeping my inner voice quiet. And call out to the demon.

Makes sense or a week at a time

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I also found a lot of sigil flashing on here!!! Pretty cool

Based on this, you seem a bit new to rituals and/or communicating this way. My personal advice is to slow down. You need to first be able to recognize better what is you and what is “other” before you start trying to communicate with all these spirits and confusing yourself. So slow down, speak with one spirit at a time and respect them by allowing them time to help you to the fullest of their abilities.

Remember, magick is great and all. But also, you need to put in work to. While they can help with different issues in your life, no one wants to help someone who won’t help themselves. So put some work in on learning to better communicate and also on your life.

Don’t take advice from me unless you want to end up like me. I had some weird experiences because I rushed into evocation.

Yes summon the demon with the specific power, its like seeing a specialist or contracting workers, dont have the fence company try to fix your roofing problem, employ the right demons for the jobs at hand.

Dont put all your trust in demons, do the proper banishing and hold a place of authority, you command them. Dont trust them like a best friend or a relative they are still demons, Belial for example is known to test and tear down magicians. If you go into summoning him with the idea that he is your friend you will be wrongly mistaken, a lot of people like to larp and talk about how they joke with demons and some are even in love with them, some give blood and semen. In my opinion these are all way too intimate for demons, the demons must prove themselves. Keep things professional dont go declaring your love or making a pact just cuss you trust them…
It sounds like you are connected, great job.

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I’m not that deep what i meant was I trust them to do the task or tasks they were given. I’ve only given two demons tasks so right now I should stop :stop_sign: take a deep breath slow down and try to communicate with them properly before move on to the next step. I would like to thank you guys for all the assistance!

I haven’t offered any blood or semen and find that insane at this point even overkill.

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