General practice on theta/gamma sync

Ill be the first to admit it; self hypnosis is never easy for me. thats probably why I feel kinda lost in the whole theta/gamma sync.

So I would like to know of any of the practices or any experiences people have withe the theta state.

Yeah same for me, I find it difficult =/

I made a similar post on this, but I’m very interested in learnign AS MUCH as possible to aid in this endeavour. I’m an experienced magician of 10 years, and just recently learned about the Theta/gamma state and actually perceiving demons and speaking two ways.

Up till this point, I was quite comfortable with conjuring an entity, giving them a task, receiving telepathic communication (which always comes to you as your own thoughts, so you feel like you’re talking to yourself)

Try to exercise with binaural beats and isochronic tones

Act like a zombie, you’ll see how you’ll get easy there!

Firstly, I think that while classifying and delineating this state is a very helpful step forward out of the woo-woo stages of magick, the fear some people have of not reaching it can occasionally create unnecessary anxiety.

I’ll be honest, I’ve been doing magick since I was a child, have done healing and had clients report amazing outcomes, and manipulated reality, whilst also most recently curing myself of lifelong clinical depression, nonetheless I wouldn’t have a clue what shape my brainwaves make.

Static rain I know - talking to spirits who deliver real verifiable results, I know. TGS is an a welcome addition to the arsenal and something to bear in mind, as you go about doing what’s already your heritage - exploring the worlds and conspiring with and commanding the different beings you’ll meet within them.

Secondly: if your fears about self-hypnosis have to do with control, and the loss or lack therefof, buy a cheap digital voice recorder, search online for self hynosis scripts and get down with your bad self!

Or, good self… meh, you know what I mean! :slight_smile: