General Guide to Charging Magickal Items on Demon Sigils

I’ve recently had the urge to charge some of my magic items - oils, Talismans and stuff like that - on my demonic sigils. Can anyone here give general tips on the ‘best practices’ for this type of charging? Would I need to evoke the demon beforehand, leave certain offerings or do anything else to ensure the item takes up their energy?

I am a bit of a newbie at altar charging in general, as my chaos background never exposed me to this type of practice thus far. I’d really appreciate it if anyone could walk me through the basics :slightly_smiling_face:

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I don’t recall which threads cover it best, but there’s quite a few on the subject already :slight_smile: I know some of them have great answers- though not all.
Search results for ‘charging items’ - Become A Living God

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Thank you for providing the link. It does look promising on the surface but, reading through the actual threads about sigil charging, I didn’t see any that gave specific pointers. The ones that are just about sigil charging are basically saying ‘try out different stuff and see what works’ or ‘use the search function to find some threads’.

Quite far down the list is a thread that seems promising… but then it links to some dead pages, and one member gives a hard-to-decipher explanation of their steps for charging that honestly made no sense to me.

I was kind of hoping for some general basics in a brief, step-by-step format I could adapt… if anyone’s willing to boil down their own charging practice for me, that’d be awesome. Bonus points if it’s specifically pertaining to demonic sigils, rather than sigils-in-general :grin:

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You might try swapping up the wording, I just stole the words you used.

I know there have been good answers in the past, but I’m too lazy to dig for them, just a heads up in case no one bothers to answer :slight_smile:

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Okay, thank you :slight_smile:

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Connor Kendall has a video on YouTube where he makes Bune prosperity oil.

I would suggest watching that. His channel is called the black obelisk.

Most importantly he goes through the charging and activation of every ingredient.


Booyah! Here ya go!

I don’t know how to embed the video like everyone else does but there’s the link.

You can use the tutorial as a general framework, nuts and bolts, and then tailor it to your own purposes.


Awesome! that’s exactly what I’m after. and I even work with Bune so I can definitely make + charge that oil as a practice run.

Thank you, and Hail Bune!

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Haha hell yeah man! :metal:

Hail Bune!