General evocation question_regarding spirits

Greetings all,

So far, I personally am really digging the course, and am enjoying the exercises. I know in one of the sections EA mentions all the grimoires that the Spirits are drawn from for the course and the accompanying workbook.

Now, most of the grimoires I have minus The Necronomicon & Pope Honorius. And quite frankly there are some KICK-ASS mutha-fucka’s in KofF that can get my jobs done from what it looks like!!!

My question is, will these methods of evocation work for other traditions as well? The reason I ask dear Forum members, is I have a LOT of information on Palo Mayombe & Quimbanda too!

***For the Forum/Course Nazi’s - I know…I know…yes the information says “any” entity. So I shouldn’t even have to ask this question…but I am :slight_smile:

At some point I really want to use the same methods with a Ponto and open it, then, proceed to evoke exactly as I’m being taught in the course.

It appears that the methods were learning will allow us access to ALL. However, I don’t want to piss someone off in one of The Kingdoms because I didn’t do it like Exu likes, or, I didn’t follow the tradition.


No, African diaspora religions are an entirely different animal.

Yeah, I’m currently reading a book about Exu and I wouldn’t recommend evoking these spirits with evocation techniques. However, there are some Exus that are (or share names and sigils with) Goetic demons, but should be evoked using their form/sigil from the Goetia, not their Form from the Quimbanda tradition.

Thanks to EA et al,

You probably ALL saved me a world of hurt and from being blown up!

I would love to understand your perspective on this further, EA. I am a Palero, Santero and Babalawo so have the right to call on any of the African diaspora entities.

The methods you teach in this course are making it easier for me to contact them, in some ways. I’m referring to the meditation strategies, the theta/gamma sync - and of course the idea of the Crossroads fits right in 100% with Eshu/Eleggua. :slight_smile:

Would you say more about this?