General Directives

Magick attracts weirdos, nutcases, sickos, sometimes real perverts and fucktards. That’s just how it is in the real world. If mental health consists of having the same issues, psychoses and warped beliefs as everyone else, one thing’s for sure: Magick isn’t going to help your mental health. But as mine is the European lhp tradition of working alone I don’t run into many pedestrian Magicians – thankfully. There used to be a few Wiccans around where I exist, but aren’t there always?

Back then I used to be known as ‘Doubting Thomas’ because I was cynical. After actually doing Magick until it worked my doubts subsided - but just like an alcoholic, the tendency remains. Magick is like any discipline – hard. That doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. I stress it must always be fun, otherwise you’re not doing it right, you’ll get frustrated, bored and give up.

I recommend – over and fucking over again – that you must know a banishing ritual and be effective at it. Screw everything else - I don’t care – just master banishing! It’s not about mindless finger/dagger/sword drawings in the air and the repeating of obscure words. And you can’t learn it in a short space of time – although you can speed things up by repetition. When you feel the energies getting stronger and you know you can project these, just keep at it. You need to able to banish like a martial artist can fight – instantly and forcefully. With practice it becomes quicker. Then (and only then) learn an evoking ritual. For the sake of our path, I’d like to see as many practising Magicians as possible.

Mind-fuck is important, especially on our path. Force yourself to laugh to bad, horrid televised/radio news. Keep forcing yourself until it comes naturally. You’ll be surprised how little time that takes. But be warned: this will cause alienation – that’s what you’re looking for – unless your still a herd animal. Checkout and perform the Lesser Headless Ritual. It’s on here somewhere.

And whilst your at it, make yourself a string of chanting beads – everything 100% natural material and a draw-string bag in which to carry same as separate from the mundane. It’s your path, you workout the number of beads and what you chant with them. There are reasons why I stress chanting so why wait? Find out for yourself.

Finally, being successful at Magick requires you to find your groove and this can only be achieved through practice and keeping a Magickal Journal.