General best incense for evoking amd cleansing?

Are there really any in specific, or does it depend on the particular demon regarding their favorite? I have many different types but can’t decide.

What about for helping to cleanse the aura, clear of negative energies and which incense do parasites seem to hate or get annoyed by?


For general cleansing, you can’t go wrong with sage, palo santo, and copal.


I agree with the choices of cleansing, I would also add myrrh and as weird as that sound, rain-fragrances!

Regarding Demons, each of them has their associated/preferred incense/fragrances. You can ask them which they prefer.
Usually, you cannot go wrong with these:

Air Demons - lighter fragrances (like bergamot)
Earth Demons - woody scents (like patchouli or sandalwood)
Water Demons - floral scents (like lily)
Fire Demons - deep, strong scents (like cinnamon or rose)

If you don’t know their element, but know (or prefer) the attributes* to that Demon and what they usually represent, then you can base it off of that too! (*although they’re always general, a lust Demon may work with you on appearance, so it’s good to keep in mind that attributes may not always be 100% right!)

For example, if you’re working with Rosier on love, you may use fragrances related to that (like for example Rose)

Hope of that was helpful!


Thanks everyone