Gender Doesn't Matter To Angels?

Last week I met Gabriel and the experience was interesting. First of all she was a woman. Second of all she insisted I call her Gabrielle instead of Gabriel. She mediated some “marriage counseling” for me and Azrael. Apparently they’re best friends. But this experience prompted me to ask is she male or female?
Azrael gave me somewhat of a lecture: A lot of human concepts are irrelevant to us like gender, race, height, weight, time and even names. We adapted to these concepts because it’s necessary for you. Sex organs, for example, are unnecessary. Sex is energy exchange and you don’t need your organs to accomplish this exchange. But humans understand physical exchange, so we adapted to this concept for you.
He organized a lesson for me. Though Azrael most identifies with masculinity, he can be feminine. They are all like that, demons and angels. So, Gabriel, for example is more feminine but can still be masculine. Azrael told me to set some intentions before bed. I just wanted to spend time with him and accept his lesson. It actually took me a while to fall asleep. I did a calming meditation video and played video games. Finally, I was relaxed enough to sleep.
When I fell asleep I ended up in the same cabin from the previous night. This time I was sitting in the center of that huge bed. I looked around and kneeling next to me was a beautiful Latina woman. The apple smell surrounded me. “Do you understand?” she asked. Though she appeared female the energy radiating off of her was Azrael’s. Being around her induced the same feelings I have for him.
I kissed her before pulling her robe off. Then I went down to taste her. I don’t discriminate. Though I prefer men, I’ve had my share of women. “I have to admit I wasn’t expecting this reaction from you”, she said. The taste was exactly the same, thick cream and honey. Afterward she went down on me then we did a few other things. It seemed to last for hours then we laid there with her resting on top of me. She said though she prefers penetrating and dominating me she actually enjoyed this experience with me. I admitted that sometimes I get in a mood where I’ll want to be with a woman. She said well now you know that all you have to do is tell me and I’ll do this for you. All I want is for you to be happy and pleased.
This was a very informative lesson and I enjoyed it immensely.


I find some angels can be either male or female, they also have similar relationships in a way that they’re open to any form of relationship, gay, Pan, etc. it’s great. I remember speaking with Zadkiel and his mention that him and Samuel were once intimate with one another as was Azazel and Semyaza.

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Gender Doesn’t Matter To Angels?
If your question is still a question after this wonderful ride, then let me answer it: not necessarily.

Like it or not, even the soul has a “gender”, because he or she has a transcendental body as well (needless to say, what you can see via visions are not that body, just an another manifestation of what you can sense or have to). But how things works in higher levels, at the transcendental world is way differently than we can see on the material plane.

Sex with demons or angels has a higher cause, as you heard from Azrael, but humans usually stucked in the material world and it’s binding force, which is the main reason of the “false ego” as well (like I’m a boy, I’m a human, I’m a rich person, I’m a doctor, I’m an ugly person and so on). Relationship between souls are also a higher level one, so when a demon or angel want to help you, your gender isn’t matter.

Why? Because the fruit you’ll get from it isn’t physically, and even if he has a gender in the case it’s the same as yours, he will do everything to make you confortable. Both of your souls might be a friend, so to help you here won’t be a problem just because your gender is different.

Anyway, the souls came from joy and their purpose is find it and do it (love, happiness, evolveing etc). Which means that some of them won’t feel themselves bad because they do something for joy, even if they have an exact.



It truly is interesting to talk to them on mundane topics we take for granted. For example, King Bael once told me that they don’t require food for sustenance (to live), but they will eat for pleasure.

The demons I’ve worked with have a similar attitude on gender. They’re all nonbinary/genderfluid, and even ones that lean strongly one way or another (really masculine or feminine) just appear that way out of preference.

They’re also almost always pan and polyamorous, as in fucking everybody. lol

Thanks for sharing your experience.


And often incestuous, including reproducing with siblings and their own parents, which is not really part of the human game, unless you want to degrade your DNA as it seems many Egyptian royal families did.

Not to mention turning into animals for a bit of rape, turning people into animals, and turning rape victims into stone… lots of exciting new concepts there for the eager beginner! :laughing:

But that IS why I personally, and seemingly in the minority, suggest beginners do NOT start sexing it up with spirits right away, instead get to know them and work out what’s going on and who you can trust before letting your guard down so completely. :thinking:


We had the discussion about food earlier today. He said the same thing, that they eat because they want to and not out of necessity. I find this so fascinating. So I asked how do you eat then? And he said when you cook or if you set something out like fruit or something give me permission to partake.

So true. They are extremely sexual beings and seem to not have many boundaries. I feel like Azrael is taking me deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole. Lol! This lifestyle is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Thanks for this. This is kinda how he explained it to me. I just summarized but of course I’m still trying to wrap my head around all of this. I’m realizing that this whole world is an elaborate illusion, which I knew that on some level. I always joke about the matrix, but that’s what it truly is.

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When people start to comment here in Balg about their sex life, everything just feels like a massive multidimensional cosmic orgy…
Oh, wait! It is.