Gender and spirits

What does it mean with “he” and “she” in the context of spirits?
Is it metaforical speaking?

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Do they feel feminine or do they feel masculine imo. Yin or Yang.


And I believe alot of this has to do with time and setting as there is yin and yang in everything.

Probably why some spirits can appear make to one magician and then female to another.


There are some spirits who always have appeared as male and female. I have never heard about Baal manifest as female and I have never heard about Lillith manifest as male.

Yeah until Lilith grows a d*** and **** your lights out lol bet it’s happened to some one

Sometimes I just choose and sometimes I use they. Most of the spirits I’ve come into contact with don’t have super set gender roles/norms/figures. A lot of them are referred to by both he and she pronouns by different magicians or even on different occasions by the same magician. I use it because English is my main language so I’m used to gender pronouns, but I’ve never had a spirit care too much.

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