Gemstones can be toxic to luck too

Ok here is a caution to people who are into gemstones.Last year I made a mistake which cost me 5 months of money luck being blocked.I was reading about Indian and Vedic gemstones and astrology and suddenly found a good deal on a bunch of Hessonite Stones online.Apparently I was going through a “Rahu Mahadasa” and this would help me avoid effects of Rahu.

So I placed the stones in the luck corner of the house (they were raw stones) in the north east.After that I went through the worst drying up of finances. It was unbelievable.

My appearance changed.I was sick.I was also expecting but it was like I was being held down.Creditors who would ordinary fall for my eloquent talk and give me time to pay became hostile.

After discussing with many friends like Lady Eva here on the forum, I did a series of workings and one day when I had hit rockbottom , I met a friend who was hindu and asked him what was killing my luck.After many questions and checking around my house, he pinpointed it was the Hessonite stones.He explained, Hessonite is a ‘stone of consequences’ and in Hindu Vedic astrology it brings karma from past life forth to cleanse you by making you pay.Now maybe I messed up bad in my last life but the stones sure brought about the worst consequences ever.Clients would be rude (I’m a lawyer), turn away and not pay and two days ago one even went psycho when their case got dismissed (through no fault of ours but the fact they had lied in court) and started physically threatening me to get a ‘full refund’.I had evoked King Paimon, Lady Bune , Lord Belial, Lord Marduk, Lord Ziku and Lord Barashakushu.I think they all helped me realise through my friend what was blocking my luck.I followed this by cleansing my home and office with herb oils and using ammonia drops in water washes.

Its been 24 hours, just yesterday we had agreed to issue that crazy client a refund.This morning when she called, she automatically started cussing and threatening body harm.

My mind flipped.I called the police and security of our building and had her picture pasted everywhere while explaining I was being harassed and threatened.

So at the last minute, when the hessonite had damaged me beyond repair, once I got rid of it the night before, I got everything sorted.

Now one other tip which my dear Hindu friend gave me and very few people know is that you can take off the consequences from yourself and always load them upon an enemy.He advised me to throw the stones in a dark pit with the picture of the problem client lady with the stones thereby ‘trapping her with the consequences of her last life’.

So that probably worked too.Now as I learnt Hessonite can be used in baneful magic too with a little bit more of a study.

Lesson learned : Some gemstones seem promising but they can totally block your luck to a point of tears.I was unable to use manipulation and creativity to get work in these 5 months.Everything stalled and savings got wasted.Financial embarrassment was there too.

I hope my experience helps my friends here.Never place strange stuff in the financial corner of your house unless you are sure it will help.


Damn. This makes me think that I really have to cleanse my bad karma. Life isn’t really easy and there’s an obstacle always at every thing I do.


Can you ask your friend if there are some books about stones and their meaning in Hindu Vedic aastrology and how they can be used?

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Interesting, I never ran into this problem.


This is pretty interesting I’d like to find out more about it. I had a large jet stone on my desk at my previous job. It was such a hostile environment it got huge deep cracks all over it. My co workers mother was heavy into voodoo and he demanded I get it out of the office. That’s the strangest thing I had happen with a gem.


Ive found planting hemitite and Obsidian ritually charged to devour negativity in a hostile environment has interesting effects. At one point i planted small clusters in the earth around my store when i was working retail years ago. Had the mixed effect of “extracting” all the negative bullshit out of my coworkers and driving away the toxic customers.

:thinking: was an interesting 3 months. I decided to see let um do their thing for 3 moon cycles then buried um in the woods where a creek runs through.
Thinking back on it i could have experimented with them and their effects on matter like dr.masaru emoto water experiments.:rofl: bah… Maybe next time lol


My friend keeps warning me to avoid using any gemstones especially in pregnancy and without getting detailed advice from a hindu astrologer.In India your sign is your moon sign and its calculated in a special way.

After my last brush with hessonites I Have cleansed all stones with ammonia and salt water and washed the house many times.Things are picking up.I know Citrines are ok to keep in the house.The rest I avoid because we never know it might be interfering with our ongoing planets.

Many people are fond of Sapphires but I have seen serious damage coming from them due to a misplaced Saturn.

Anyways that guys advice saved my life.I will see if there are any books in this regard he has knowledge of.


How about black tourmaline? I have a bunch and carry them in my pocket

Not sure about those, see I was using Hessonite in the hope I could avoid “Rahu” Mahadasa (Rahu is the head of Saturn in Vedic Astrology or something like a malicious planet which hits you with consequences in this life for a previous life, by all means you should read up on it) The lesson is that some situations are complicated.After much digging it turned out I was a prominent occultist in my last life and ended up taking money unfairly from people for things I should have helped them with.Which means as per Vedic astrology money in this life will be short and difficult to come by.

So when I used Hessonite, it hit me bad.Consequences got activated which I was avoiding till now by defensive magic.So did memories of my past life.Not a good situation at all.

Its taken me two months to wipe off the bad energy.

I used radionics and goetic demons and smudging and ammonia baths and god knows what.Now I have 50% of the situation under control.

The rest of the situation will take a while.

Point being, if you feel a stone is protecting you, it might actually be blocking out something positive (yet risky) too.After the Hess-nite episode I kind of packed away all my gemstones to check out until after I have my baby.

I still use some nice crystals in my fish aquarium though.

If you must use crystals speak to an astrologer (I prefer Vedic astrology because till date its predicted everything in my life with 100% accuracy including my c-sections and number/gender of children).

Everyone has their own system of finding out what works or not.But test each gemstone skeptically because its a piece of nature and probably older than you are.It knows secrets you don’t know.When it connects to your body it can change fates.Make sure its a good change.I know a guy who died in an accident after putting on a blue Sapphire.Superstitions or not, the way he died was ultra creepy.Later an astrologer said that he should have avoided the stone or maybe he wore it at a wrong time.

The only stone I have see as harmless so far are citrine gems.They are just nice to have around and overall positive.I keep one in my financial corner of the house.


Never tried Vedic astrology do you know any site that’s good? Tourmaline it is for protection maybe you’re right is blocking everything including something good but risky.

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My Indian friend directed me to this site
It’s run by a younger astrologer whose predictions seem more practical.

To read your daily Vedic horoscope you need to calculate it here first.For example as western astrology I can be a cancerian but because of my time and year of birth under Vedic astrology I can be a Libran or Scorpio.Vedic astrology uses the moon system and you can use this link to calculate your own Vedic Indian sign Rashi Calculator | Moonsign Calculator | Janmarashi Calculator
Whenever I use ktastro to check my Vedic sign for daily or yearly predictions I get better predictions than under the western system of astrology.It depends on perspective really.

I am still saving money to consult a Vedic astrologer as I want a good time for c-section for my next baby.

P.s I had tourmaline piece a while back.I just didn’t like it.It gave me a funny feeling when I saw it.I sacrificed it to Saturn on a Saturday along with some black cloth later on.

I’m like an energy vampire with gemstones
I suck all the energy out of them before they can be of any use :joy:
And I do it subconsciously so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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See that’s my fear, I used to think of my self as a large python which could swallow everything and anything including energy.

Later on a couple of times I became the unfortunate python which tried to eat a crocodile and the crocodile bit right through the tummy.It became ugly and bloody.

That’s my analogy for gemstones too and energy consumption.We all want clean food right ? Same goes for energy as we become what we consume.

I’m into crystals since my youth and I’ve learned my lesson the worst way. I used to store them under my own bed cause I didn’t have any option. I ended very sick, drained as an orange bagasse… One day during a meditation I realized the stones were feeding from my energy. As soon as I put them in another place I started feeling better. I think to store them into a cardboard box is a good solution for avoiding too much energy around and don’t let them near electronics cause both energies tend to mix and spread into the environment! And yes some stones are lucky and other unlucky, but people have to check it for themselves.

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Exactly my point, I consider them living pieces of earth’s history and which know much and have seen much.They don’t let go of their conditioning or nature easily.Which is why when they are around us they can feed off us and even damage us.

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Very, very interesting cautionary tale I can relate. I always thought most gemstones brought good fortune and healing I can see this isn’t always the case.

Some people think moldavite is an evil stone, but other people love it. I personally don’t find selenite for my own use that appealing, but I like seeing it in reiki videos. I think people need to develop their own feelings for stones and their uses in their lives.

I would be in the love it group. I carry one with me 24/7.

My one partner on the other hand doesn’t care for it, it makes him feel ill. So I keep it wrapped in silk.

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Very nice post! Interestingly, its one of the few stones I do not have yet.

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