Gemstones as a spell component?

Hey y’all! Recently bought some Gemstones: Green Aventurine, Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, and Amythest. Like I had the urge to buy them, after seeing this post:

Like I’m curious about the other uses for these stones I bought, and if there are spells that would require these particular gemstones. So yeah, are there any spells that use these stones, or what else could I use them for? I also thought using them for Djinn vessels, but not sure which type of Djinn should I bind to one of these stones?

I’d meditate on each stone and feel out what each one would be best for.

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In the case of citrine, there are many fakes (cheaper amethysts that’s been baked) being passed off as expensive original natural citrine.

I use them a lot. Actually, I became kinda obsessed with them and ended up having one big mess on my altar… Just use the ones you _feel the bes_t with; like it was mentioned, meditate with each one to see how it makes you feel. Amathyst is one of the ones I like the best; gives off an energetic vibe that helps when I´m tired. Others I like are jade, tiger´s eye, tourmaline, and onyx.


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Amethyst is great for cursing! It’s energy is usually for healing and calming, but used in baneful magick, it gives people paranoia and anxiety.


Never heard or thought of this before.

Oh man, you got to tell me how you got an Amethyst to do that?! And do you know if there a baneful spell to bring financial ruin to your enemies? or death…

Hmm, anyway to tell if they’re fake?

well I don’t think it’s much more complicated than applying malicious intent

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Excellent… :smiling_imp: