Gemstone Activation on Blue Moon

Has anyone ever used Leopard stone from Mexico ? I will be so grateful if you can tell me more about gems. I have Gold Tigers Eye from S.Africa, Sodalite from Brazil, Amazonite from Russia, Brecciated Jasper - S.Africa, Banded Agate, Botswana, PHANTOM AMETHYST from Namibia, Red Tigers Eye from S.Africa, Rhodonite from Aus, Green Quartz from Brazil, Carnelian Uruguay, Bloodstone India, Haematite from Brazil, Snowflake Obsidian from USA, Blue Lace Agate from Namibia, Aventurine from India and Red Jasper from Madagascar. The rest like Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Unakite I already know their functions. Help please !

Also I am new to gemstone. Can someone outline the basic principles of how to activate gemstones ? I am going instinctively under the super moon tommorrow!

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Fantastic tutorial here from last year by @Aluriel:


Aw thank you ! @Lady_Eva

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