Geared for a breakdown

Hey everybody.

When I worked in the backroom of a major retail supplier, the new people would spend most of their shift complaining about how their scan gun isnt responsive/running slowly. Everybody had that problem, but only the new people were complaining about it. I’m new here, and I’m about to.complain about how inaccessible some information can be. I just want to evoke/invoke. I see repeating patterns in my life I have been unable to discard for many many years. I’ve tried cognative behavioral therapy, journaling, live performance, herbal medicine, dowsing, healing touch, hypnotism, radionics- you name it.

I bought the universal circle three months back. I meditate in it. My dreams are interesting, but they always have been. In any case whats thr point of having a car if you dont know how to drive?

I’m incredibly poor, that doesnt matter to me. I don’t want money, thats not going to make happy. Neither is evoking/invoking any entities, I just want these patterns to break. It would be especially empowering if I took these matters into my own hands, even if I just use them to ask for help. Last night was especially eye opening for me, I don’t want that to be the rest of my life.

Delete this if it’s a common complaint. I know there are many things I don’t know. I dont want to upset anybody. I’m just really poor, I was homeless two months ago. If anybody wants to help me figure out how to evoke it’d mean a lot to me…

I was like you, exactly, but see, u must to knw which to evoke, and for wat, ok let see u want money, u can from a, azazel book. Or goetia. Now which can be rgt for u situacion bune, claunek,? Or other spirts, and remember, if feel norhings working or go slow, give a month at last for results, now whit so many apps to invest, from, $50,dollrs and up, and maybe more hours on you job, spirts will tell you, or give u a sign

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Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield has a great ritual for invocation and evocation of the 72 Demons of the Goetia. And Archangels of Magick by Damon Brand also has a great ritual to evoke the 12 Archangels and a invocation ritual, but in that book the invocation is used to adopt one of the traits/qualities of any of the Archangels you choose. And the other rituals in those books are fully geared to getting results, but won’t let you be able to speak to the spirits like full evocation, but you don’t need to speak to them to get results. 72 Angels of Magick by Damon Brand also let’s you work with the 72 Shem Angels with a ritual where you give a spoken request to the angel of your choosing. It’s important to note that angels aren’t like Christians think of them, they can be extremely effective for curses and their destructive power is immense . They can also bring you wealth, love, sex etc. So don’t disregard them just because they are called angels.

This is also a great tool if all you want is to get results, and not actually speak to the spirit.

And this to take it further

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My friend has an inoperable brain tumor.
I was hoping Buer would assist her.

As for my personal problem-
I’m really having a hard time letting go of all the hardships Ive seen, all the injustices. It’s all trauma. It’s not like PTSD is a quick fix, my brain is a pretzel. I see through people like glass, I can see their selfish motives having nothing to do with my selfish motives. I’d like a whole perspecive shift. I want new beliefs to grow my thoughts from, I need new insights for that.

I’m gonna work on getting clarity for now I guess. Thanks for your imput.

Thank you for the resources! I know theres course on but I cant afford that kind of thing. I really like the idea of summoning spirits of Goetia without using the names of God or binding them. I think Orlee Stuarts Goetia course features that, I dont know for sure though.

I liked the stuff in EA’s Black Magick course …but what are Dark Gods & Dark Goddesses? Is that like a special sect of spirits? I get the impression lesser spirits wouldnt be included in that course. I dunno…

Im new. Id like to start out with Stolas and Buer for now. That book you suggested, the first one, does it make me threaten the demons with names of gods? Does it explian how to evoke without using a magick triangle? I really dont want to come at anybody like that- human or otherwise.

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I haven’t taken any of the courses on here yet so I’m not sure, but I suspect it may be deities such as Lilith or otherwise perhaps certain pagan deities.

The opening ritual uses the name YHWH quite a lot, interpret it as you will, but it’s also important to note that YHWH is quite different from what the Christians call “God” in the first place, but no you don’t use the name to threaten them or anything like that, unlike in some traditional sources… You also treat the demons with great respect, not like they are lesser than you (also unlike some traditional sources where you try to bully them into submission. The author explains how stupid that is in the first place).
You also call on one of the corresponding 72 Shem angels to oversee the working, but it is not to restrict the demon, they work together to make the magick more effective, so this still builds up a good relationship between you and the demon. I believe one of the Goetia books on BALG also use the Shem Angels for Goetia, but I’m not sure which one it was.
As for the triangle, you don’t need any physical tools for the ritual, except for a lighter, paper and a pen for Ritual 1 as you will need to burn it, but nothing for the invocation and evocation ritual, unless I missed something but I don’t think so (and if there is, it won’t be anything more than what is needed for Ritual 1)

Of course, you can change the ritual as you please, perhaps use a different opening ritual or edit out the name YHWH with your own deity (Like in Archangels of Magick) but then it’s not known how effective the ritual will be. But that book is very well respected on here and many use it to build up a good relationship with the Goetia demons along with getting very good results, so it does not make you look like an enemy to the demons or anything like that either.

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