Gateways and their inscribed descriptions in the book of azazel

My question is regarding the first called the gateway of pacts can i draw this on paper draw the sigil of the demonoc king to come and make a pact with me i want a truthful answer. Are these gateways something that will bind the spirit to make a pact with you. It says additional pacts yet i want to know if the gateway of pacts described in the book is a way of getting the demon to make a pact with you to the desired end

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No, the gateway of pacts does not force a demon to make a pact with you. You can’t exactly bind a demon to make a pact if it doesn’t want to.The Gateway of Pacts was received by EA through his pact with Azazel, and my understanding is that it is to be used by those working with Azazel, but you do not have to have a pact to use it… It can be used as a magical circle where the magician stands, or in the manner of a triangle, where you evoke a demon into it. Where the BOA says “to make additional pacts,” I believe it means if you want to make another pact with Azazel or one of the Lords under Him you can use the gateway in the manner described. EA’s Universal Circle is based on it, if I remember correctly.

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So i would draw this on paper because i have space nor privacy to do a ritual in this case i would gaze at the “gateway of pacts” to call azazel for a specific goal in mind. This is my assumption of its uses i am working with azazel currently and i have another goal in which i feel a pact would ensure the desired result. How ever can it be used to intesify the evocation of the demon? It does say that it was from ant’harratuu which is a gateway of manifestation

The Gateway of Pacts is for you to stand in or the Demon. It is used in the same as way as a circle and triangle. The book says “it is to be drawn on the ground around the Operator, to make additional pacts, or to be used in the place of The Triangle of Manifestation.” It is not to be drawn on paper and gazed at as you would a sigil.

If you are currently working with Azazel, then evoke him, while standing in the Gateway of Pacts, or evoke Him into it. That is it’s only use, according to the BOA, but you do not need to use the Gateway to make a pact with Azazel. You just need to evoke him and ask if he will make a pact with you and state your terms. It is up to Him whether he agrees or not. You cannot force him to.

My question therefore is the gateway of pacts is used to summon forth entities of course like i stated before i do not have privacy not space to write out the gateway of pacts i instead inscribed it on paper to use with azazels sigil in the middle to speak with him

I’m sorry but I’m confused. The Gateway does not “summon forth” anything. YOU do. As I previously explained, the Gateway simply acts as either a circle for the Operator, or a Triangle for the demon. Drawing the Gateway on paper, and putting Azazel’s sigil in it will NOT help your communication in any way. It doesn’t function that way, any more than drawing a triangle on paper would. If you do not have the space to draw the Gateway on the ground as described in the BOA, then leave it out all together and just use the sigil. It is through THAT that you call the demon.

Ok so i used a sigil to call a demon in the boa and it was lord kiltan as i stated what i desired once i was done stating what i wanted i saw it play out in my head with the feelings circumstances and events being taken place. This was all while staring at the sigil and i didnt notice this but almost an entire 30 mins had passed. I asked for a sign that he agreed a physical sign yet. I wouldnt know what to look for to see it happening or playing out without first from something else happening. But this trance and paralyzing event that went on didnt make sense but while i was in tgs nothing does. Because if i understand it your everyday logic and reality with your senses is elevated beyond mundane reality