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I’ve been searching but I find nothing really clear as everybody has different views on the subject.

What about portals/gates?
Do they open only when we evoke/invoke an entity? Or do they open when we are doing simple sigil magick?
How to know if one is still open AND how to close them?

Cause I think I’ve been doing some good shit and my life is kind of tiring apart haha :sweat_smile:. I thought I knew what I was doing but obviously I didnt and I think I need to learn that all from the beginning :sweat_smile:.

So thank you to everybody answering me :blush::blush:.

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Sometimes spirits come without being called, but they are not always perceived.

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If you are using a sigil you are connecting to that ”realm” or that ”power” call it what you want. That gate is the link to the work so as long as it progress in my humble opinion the gate/portal is still open. Not fullt but enough to keep the connection.
As for an evocation thats a little harder, if a spirit is asked to leave after an no cennection is needed them the portal should be closed and Burning of sigils is a way to symbolise this. But keeping a sigil for convenience may keep that portal a little open since its something thats allready been used and empowered.

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Thank you for your answer.
The thing is that I burnt them all (sigils haha) but still have my life kind of fucked down those last 3 weeks and more those last days.
So how to do with portals we maybe don’t know we opened and are still opened? :blush:

Then id Say it depends on what work you done. If one draws energy from somewhere or someone to a purpouse then that energy is set loose on the task, work in progress Will have a link through the portal.
So i cant say for sure as the art of your work is not known to me. If you then know or have a feeling of what sigil is the ”culprint” i would use it again and do a closing ritual with it, you could open it first If that would make it easier to connect with or close it right away, then afterwards a cleansing/purification ritual to get ride If any lingering ”power” residues.

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Ok thank you very much for the explanation :blush::blush:.