Gatekeeper ritual

Has anyone done this ritual what was your experience

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I’m through a series of evenings/nights practicing a version of it. During the operation I feel power, “personal” sensations for some of the demons while gazing at their sigils, and to get a better grasp at the magical acts involved. The reason for the last one could also be that I’m trying to, additionally, do an evocation every day.

I want to do in in full ceremony.

I have done it scaled down with candles, parchment, and a doll of my blood and hair.

Use the parchment to draw and then rip the angelic watcher sigils.

Use the candles with the four sigils and a good coating of blood. I wrote the words for sigils I did not have.

The “poppet” standing in for myself in the center.

The rest of the ceremony held the same.

It was powerful. I still want the full scale ceremony.

So nobodys put themselves to be fully possesed

What passes for black magick in my area is laughable.
No one has the guts… I do…

I am fully open to being possessed and have openly told the Nine Kings so.

Just leave me more powerful and knowledgeable than when you found Me.

Im possessed by 2 demons presently its intense and im being lead to different demons by their guidance alongside with suggestions to my personal peace of mind while they do what they promised my goals are set on new things and ive completely surrendered to their guidance and suggestions today by submitting and not being stubborn

Fully possessed? as in they are moving your body? or just a fuller invocation?

As in fully possesed

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@Godmagus So I am talking to the demons right now?


@Godmagus May I ask your names, my lords? It is an honour to speak to you.

You have questions.?. We are here momentarily

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@Godmagus Firstly, may I ask who you are, my lords? I would like to know with whom I am speaking if that is okay with you.

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