Gatekeeper QnA! With Special Guests!

Hello Everyone! I decided to make a new post for this QnA! Since I haven’t been on for a while, I have replaced the individual gatekeepers with Satalos, or the 9 headed beast. We also have Queen Seere, Valefar, Dantalion, Orias and Lilith with us today! this will be 3 hours long, and we shall answer any questions related to spiritual matters. If its something you need a doctor for, please, either evoke these spirits yourself or go to the doctor. I will not get in trouble for giving ill advice from myself or these spirits, even if what we say may be true.

Anyway, Lets begin!


Well once the first question rolls in it’ll start.

Is their any advice for me?

“Speak your questions”

How rough is the next year going to be on my body? (Not medical question) How important is this?

“Its as important as you make it. Though your body will undergo some rigorous shit over the next year, you will grow. Remember, no pain no gain isn’t just a random saying. Use it.”


Last question: Lilith do you have any advice for me and what I should do (more so about the coven)?

“Learn to trust yourself more.”

Thank you Lilith for helping me meet people and your followers.

And thank you Lucifuge.

I feel a big shift coming in my ascent, could I get some info on what changes I will go through. Also is there anything I can be doing in regards to this.

“Prepare. I can’t explain everything here. You will be pleasantly surprised though.” Dantalion

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Thankyou Dantalion.

“Of course.”

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Dantalion…Are you willing to honor my request.

More of a general one than to a specific spirit, what’s up with the back pedaling in my life as far as work goes? Is it just misplaced trust on my behalf or is a delay to focus on work beyond making someone else money?

Was the dream I had last night a lesson in my ascent?

I have a question for any that will respond. Is there any advice or message from any of them that would help in my current phase of spiritual development?


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“You need to backpetal to see the destruction you are causing. You need to center yourself to who you are truly are.”

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