Gatekeeper QnA part 3!

Hello everyone! The gatekeepers have agreed to answer more questions in light of the state of the world currently. You can either ask here or you can message me!


What do either one want to say to me?

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“Expect great turnouts.”

Pretty general question for all of them: is there anything I need to know as I move forward?

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“You’re doing well, but don’t forget to humble yourself. You experience more if you’re humbled.”

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Okay, thank you. One final question: I have noticed that when I go and work with one of you, you guys kinda all gang up on me during evocation. I am not complaining, nor am I not prohibiting it, but just am curious to why that is, as I thought I was to work with each of you one at a time?

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“We do that to get you used to our combined power for the rites and rituals ahead.”

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Gottcha, thank you.

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No problem!

Are me and my brother’s godform correct as we think they are? If not, who are they? ( Just for further confirmation). Thank you

“Minor adjustments in your assumptions are needed, but generally yes”

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Anything they want to say to me?

What, lies, ahead for me

What lies ahead, for me

May I ask 2 questions please?

  1. Do you have a message for me?
  2. Should I worry about this setback that happened yesterday?

Should i continue to do magick or focus on the physical world and my purpose?

Thank you.

Anything in general they have to say for me?

Thanks for this, can I ask you if they have something to tell me?

“balance the two in perfect harmony”

Also, did you write an introduction?

“Setbacks are merely steps backwards, you’ve made jumps over Jupiter. Don’t let one step back halt your sprint”

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