Gatekeeper : Min'kassa is brewing to lay an EGG

Last night I am told yet again that I will be bleeding my last bleed. As I have already ceased and all things within me have changed and altered since My emergence last year, soI do not bleed but I have increased power.
They have been telling Me for months that I will bleed my last and warn Me of the pain.
But each time I go through a transmutation I experience pain and shocks so I am no longer concerned about it.
I have grown My own Symbiont. Grown an energy’s ball. Grew a spirit for King Paimon. Had the devil gene implanted and further shifting my Black Eye Awoken…

I am to produce and carry in my spirit body a being created from the gatekeepers for the gatekeepers.
After the final bleed.
And since I have not bleed in a very long time this still seems weird.

Haaaa. Who am I to call a thing Weird.

Last night when it came to Satanis
He came at me as a black snake fat or the thickness of my leg and it’s head the baby’s head size.
Like the first time I saw it before my first kinda rising.
Well it wrapped around my left leg another around my right leg and a third whose skins shimmied with the brownish gold and black entered my vaginal passage and bit Me. Then continued its rising ascent up my torso twisting out my arms then up my neck as a funnel, and bursting through my skull.

So there you have it.

I’ll keep this open as a journal since it is something that is going to occur and I may as well share my experience.

Found what looks like snails eggs in my garden this morning

What’s more my Chicken eggs this morning Had been . One with the burst blood vessel. The othe the one fertilized . Which you can tell by the white “bubble or sac” inside.
I do know what it means as I have raised chickens before so no I am not searching for confirmation. Lol


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Popped this in the Journals category, since you said that’s the intention here. :slight_smile:

That is a tiny pot, or enormous snail/slug eggs.

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Tiny pot

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This is a Spirit pregnancy
Min’kassa is Babd is Morrigain aspect.
The dracon of Mys’Elf is laying an egg.

As it is from this current date I have approximately 5 weeks before laying it.

They say that its theirs

I have had the extrrmes of hormone and basic mineral disruptions and swelling…

After this. I will not agree to do anything for a Very long Period of time!!!

Thi symptoms are rediculouse mixed of human body and spirit disruptions.

I have been in pure Chaos…again.

My house areascaround me have increased in violence and war. But nit at me specifically.
Until today.