Gate opening TWF style

As I said before I’d post my methods which have been heavily borrowed and even more heavily modified from S. Connolly’s Infernal Colopatiron. I’ve had about none hours sleep in 30hrs and I’m at a fast food playground (I like to slide, fuck you for judging me.) so I’ll do my best not miss anything.

All gates require a key to both open and close, the same key is used for both. Connolly creates a sigil which has 9 parts to it, I’ll leave you to figure out the numeric signifigance :), at the creation of each part a mantra is recited the same mantra for each pass. This is done 9 times in total until the sigil is fully created. She provides a sigil example as well as a mantra but I chose to create my own for both instances. She also states a sigil is not necessary as an incantation or gesture could be used as well.

I opt for both a sigil and gesture to open gateways, the sigil marks the location the gate will be constructed and the gesture both opens and closes the gate. The key to this (pun totally intentional) is to raise energy when opening the gate, you have to be able to direct this energy to the point where you can literally feel it as you make the gesture to open the gate, this is similar to casting an energetic circle but the gateway is both smaller and the energy is far more focused.

Focus on the type of energy you wish to use kind of like a psi ball be it fire water air or earth. I’ve mostly been using a combination of fire and air and use self lighting incense powder as a physical representation of the gate. This is not necessary of course but it makes keeping the focus on what your doing when you have a physical representation in front of you.

I draw out the gateway in the powder on a fireproof surface, and then I focus on the gate and begin making the opening gesture while pushing energy out of the tips of my fingers until I feel it tingling at he end of my hand (kind of like going numb tingling). Once I can feel the gate I light he incense and allow it to burn. If I have an item I want charged in the gateway I pull the energy of the smoke and fire and direct it into the object. It’s kind of like reverse evocation in that instead of taking the ethereal and making it physical I take this physical representation allow it to become ethereal (smoke) and push it I to the object.

I’ve also done this with spirit seals. When I bound Vassago to my pendulum board I did this same operation only adding Vassago’s sigil to the center of the gateway. I opened the sigil after the gate was open and pushed the energy i felt I to the pendulum board calling Vassago the whole time and telling him to empower the object as a physical item to exercise his power.

I’ve done this for one other person besides myself and opened a universal circle or gateway of pacts to help bring the spirits presence manifest stronger.

I make no guarantees of how well this works for others, it seems to work for me so try it yourself and let me know what you think. Be sure to close the gate when done and dissipate all the energy. Connolly has reported poltergeist and other strange occurances where gates have been left open for too long which also makes them harder to close. I close mine as soon as I’m done with the ritual. Also be warned this will wear you out as your pushing apt of energy he entire time so pace yourself or stop if you feel sick or weak. I’ve gotten sick to my stomach and had coughing fits afterwards so you 'be been warned.


Thanks TWF for this but could you tell us how do you make the keys and sigil? t open the gates?

The sigil is the key. Draw a sigil that is representative to you of opening a gateway that contains 9 marks on it or a number that is significant to you. Create a mantra that you can recite while making each mark that feels empowering. The point is to raise energy the entire time do that you can direct said energy.

I liked the Reverse Evocation part. Gave me good ideas.