Garlic as a entity ward

So In our culture (Turkish Cypriot) we hang garlic that’s been blessed over door ways to keep out evil spirits. What do you guys think and has anyone done this?

I did a quick search and couldn’t find anyone speak on it.

Personally I haven’t used Garlic for protection workings but many cultures utilized this plant for different sorts of protection (illness, evil eye, storms on sea, evil spirits). The folklore about this plant varies from country to country and their traditions, but the “evil spirit repellent” seems to be a common thing :slight_smile:

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I think that if you used garlic with the intention of it warding off evil, then it will do just that. It’s your intent that matters. The only thing I have heard of garlic doing was keeping “vampires” away…

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Yeah as noted this is a folk thing that is done in a few countries and is the origin of why Bram Stoker’s fictional novel character Dracula didn’t like garlic: he was drawing from folklore and vampires are considered evil spirits. It’s probably the smell, same as incense.

I use the Celtic lore that uses iron horseshoes, because the fae (bad fae, aka evil spirits) in that culture are said to dislike iron.

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Rusty iron wow. It’s making sense now because it’s said that placing a rusty rail road nail in the 4 corners of a room does a pretty good job at keeping out evil spirits

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Or under your bed at chest level where you sleep to ward against hag attacks. Doesn’t need to be rusty.

Maybe, it is different in countries but as far as I know in your region ( including Turkiye, Greece and Iran) Hawthorns(turkish: Crataegus) tree is used specifically for protecting places from parasites and evil spirits from many centuries ago

NO WAY. I have hawthorn berry powder for heart related reasons can that be used?

If so how would I use it. :slight_smile:

Well As far as I know, Hawthorns trees are used for protecting and I didn’t read about powder then I don’t have any idea about powder, sorry.

has your worked tho

Horseshoes as wards? hell yes! I might as well have barbed wire fencing. :joy: I don’t get randoms.

It disrupts all unwanted energy, not just Fae. They are other enchanted with intention, but in his case they are physical too, as iron, like water, attracts electricity and disrupts magnetic fields. Energy beings have to keep their integrity to operate effectively, and this doesn’t hurt, it just bothers them enough so that they don’t like it avoid the area. Humans have the benefit of a physical body keeping everything in order so it doesn’t bother us.

I have have 4 used horseshoes I just found on ebay, I place one above the front door, 1 above the back door, 1 against the fireplace (the chimney is an entrance for the fae… ok the stove is iron so this one is more about adding gook luck and intention) and 1 above the door to my temple room (to keep things in).

I also place a railroad spike under my bed. This is not about Fae or beings, my house is built on an underground spring, and this dampens any subtle energy vortices produced from the water that could mess with my energy while I sleep.


Here in the Philippines, people hang strings of garlic inside the house to repel vampire-like human monsters called aswang.