Gardens of Hekate

Today I felt pulled to Hekate. I worked with her a lot and I still do. She’s a large part of why and how I got to where I am. So I sat down and began to meditate. I said some affirmations and I focused upon Hekate and her plane. Immediately, I was transported to her realm, a garden with roses and trees with streams. I walked a rather short stroll to find my mother (Hekate), tending to a rose bush and a tree. She was a Caucasian female, with red lipstick, a purple and black Victorian dress, with her hair held up (curly black brown) and milky white eyes.
Me: hi Mom! How are you? (I ran up to her and gave her a hug)
Hekate: Smiles I am well and yourself?
Me: I am better. I have some questions. Would you be willing to help me create a interdimensional realm for my use?
Hekate: of course, but not until Saturday. Saturn is an important planet for you.
Me: thank you! Also, what exactly am I, in terms of spiritual species?
Hekate: part angel.

The rest must remain private but I cannot wait. It’s going to be so exciting! Thank you Hekate!
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Yay! This is awesome!


It is pretty cool

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So proud of you :heart:


Yes, it can be used to call her. It’s called “wheel of Hekate”