First off, I live in a deserty area with average humidity around 11%-33%. My garden is small - 10’ x 20’ or so. At the end of June I flipped out and tore up everything. Then, read better books, did better measurements, and replanted. Not the best time for this, but I figured meh, the moon was a waxing gibbous, so I’d give it another go. Two weeks later, we had a very unusual lightning and massive thunderstorm directly above the house. My bedroom lighted up so brightly I saw my baby with my eyes shut. Intense. The next morning I went out and it was the most INVIGORATING feeling ever!! It felt like …the garden spirits were dancing with sheer joy. The plants grew a shocking amount that week as the air fizzled back to normal. “Morning has Broken” (with me-focused lyrics) popped into my head. And I realized that to make things grow, I didn’t need to fuck around with weather. Just moisture. So that’s what I’ve been doing until last week when the rain started. Calling every damned drop of water in the earth and air to my plants little roots and feasting on super sweet cucumbers, lettuces, green beans, carrot greens, etc. I thank Frank Herbert and Dune for the idea. Every plant received gratitude and blessings for nourishing me and mine. And thanks to loads of research in college on Hildegard of Bingen. Humiditas. Veriditas. Never turned on a sprinkler. Fucking cool.