Garbage inside Home: Kitchen, Bathroom, Rooms etc?

Hi everyone, I recently moved and I decided to do some things differently. Growing up I had become accustomed to garbage bins being in the kitchen, each bedroom and bathroom. I decided to change things up because I began to view bins and garbage as sources of negative energy. The only garbage bin I utilize is one in the bathroom. As for food related waste I use medium sized paper bags and throw out trash basically every day or every other day. I have immediately noticed some big changes my home smells much better and it just feels better.

Your thoughts on this? Who agrees with me? Disagrees with me? Is different to garbage?

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In my experience clutter and garbage can hinder your energy flow.
They contain stagnant energy, just like they gather dust and spider webs.
It’s good to keep your environment clean.


Spider webs are excellent, for scrying, for divination, for everything. Especially as a way to worship Goddess Lilith, Goddess Arachne and Goddess Naamah who oft show themselves through spiders


I meant that metaphorically.
Clutter gathers stagnant and dirty energy, just like they gather dust and spider webs.
I wasn’t trying to offend spider webs :wink:

I actually don’t destroy some spider webs in the corners of the room, since they catch bugs for me.

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That’s cool and somehow sweet :sweat_smile:

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