Gaps between exercises

I started the courses very recently & even at this point, I find a lot of exercises at my disposal. For e.g staring at where the ceiling & wall meet, looking at the inverted pentagram & chanting ‘alaash tud alaash tad ashtu’, scrying, looking at the sigil with fire kept nearby etc.

So I am wondering how much gap should be there between these exercises? I understand that theta-gamma state is where we want to be but isn’t there a part of us that gets overworked if we access the state again & again? Just like bodybuillders have some days rest before exercising the same muscle group.

Great question

Like bodybuilding I have found that it is at your pace. When I first started making real headway with evocation I had horrible headaches around my Ze’al chakra, so I backed off and eased back into it. Now the headaches are not that bad and are gone rather quickly. I found that it was a combo of trying something new and trying to force myself to see the sigil flash.

You have to gage it yourself, and keeping track in a journal is a great way to do it. Hope this helps.

I’ve been going out and coming back into magick last decade (periods in wich I take a break). But last 4 years I’ve been exercising daily (and having more experiences related with the occult). Ideally for me one should do a daily routine, wich won’t take more than 30/45 mins (relaxation, banishings, awakening energy, and visualization) to get faster results, but being realist this is almost impossible for most people as daily schedules/family issues keep one busy all day long.

As Orismen say the best is to keep a diary to consult in future for the most apropriate/effective exercises wich worked for you so you can arrange the routine wich fits most you.

Anyway imo it should include: relaxation (trance), some kind of banishing and awakening energy (visualization is used for banishing and awakening). That’s my basic magickal workout and takes around 30/45 minutes