Gang Stalking and/or Targeted Individuals - Dismantling Such An Egregore


So it has come to my attention that due to corruption, such things are beyond one group.

Police play a major role, as do their ‘friends’ within the drug industry.

As such the gang stalking and/or targeted individual phenomenon is actually an egregore.

Has anyone had experience dismantling or counteracting such an egregore?

Most of the time the perpetrators are strangers to the individual.

They are essentially a group that has directly or indirectly created an egregore.

Even if certain involved are known, there is probably no point to attack them directly.

What would be the method to reverse their attacks and have that energy attack the egregore itself?

How could people that are against such atrocities against humanity help dismantle such a thing?

Would there be need to create an opposing egregore that plays a role?

How Does Archangel Michael Feel About Corrupt Drug Dealing Gang Stalking Cops?

I rather think gang stalking, which it looks similar, is done via daemons and sure, egregores - lots of, not just one.

However, the stuff coming from gov sources uses skull to voice tech, and manpower - it doesn’t need an egregore to work, but sometimes does.
There’s instances though of things like, peoples houses being broken into, feces being left in their beds and such - physical attacks that are too hard to do with spirits.
Also when they run, they can escape it for a while, which you couldn’t so if a thoughtform or egregore was attached to your aura.

It’s the sort of thing best cut off at the source, I think. They can always make more egregores and hire more grunts to stalk and do break ins. Easier said than done though, the real perps are very well hidden.


i feel that the people participating create the egregore by doing so… that’s what feeds the whole movement as such

for example, there is a guy that i know that corrupt police members have been harassing for years now because he decided to get clean and sober after years of addiction… they’ve been trying to force him to be a drug dealer for fucks sake lol

he just caught them tonight at the local store teaching adolescents on how to harass him covertly so it seems like they are doing nothing wrong

call it gang stalking or whatever you want, what they are doing is absolutely wrong and deserve to be put down… after all, their end game is to force people into a corner so they either go crazy and kill themselves, kill a bunch of other people and get locked up, or both

hardly an agenda the police should be actively pursuing

just goes to show we don’t need such scumbags ‘upholding’ the law… they are the fucking criminals and justice needs to be served on the fucking assholes

i heard Belial is against tyrannical law enforcement and such… not exactly law enforcement other than them wearing the uniform… but tyranny nonetheless… would Belial be a good place to start to rain on their parade? or are there other avenues to pursue too?


Those guys, probably. Ask him. I bet they do it to a few people, I’d target them back with a binding.
But mostly dude needs to get out of Dodge.

I thought you meant the FBI targeting which is a death sentence. You can’t run anywhere to get away from them. Your friend can consider himself lucky if all he’s got is local corrupt thugs.


i personally don’t think it’s that black and white… it’s almost like the dimensional tapestries are all starting to merge and he is navigating them all whilst still on the 3rd dimension… and as such it is not exactly a group (uniformed or not) targeting him, more so certain people are almost being taken for a ride by inter-dimensional beings (most likely unknowingly as they usually look like they are entranced in some kind of way)… i remember watching a video about ‘the matrix’ being activated when you enter the game area, yet what if you accidentally wake the whole matrix at once somehow? he had his awakening at the precision of the equinox in 2012… i’m starting to think that this is more than just coincidence… maybe Earth is our prison as Australia was to the British and our awakening is actually our escape?


In that case, like the Brits changed Australia and became free Australians, he must change himself to change his world. Like attracts like, he’s creating this reality and it will follow him everywhere.

maybe Earth is our prison as Australia was to the British and our awakening is actually our escape?

I used to think that, and I think that’s stil valid for many who could have been done here but get tricked into reincarnating by the parasitic archons or by agreeing to unnecessary karmic contracts. It’s on this forum somewhere. More lately I’m back to Earth being mostly a tool for fast track development.

A human life is a mere moment, but being in density where everything is so slow lets you get a lot of work in, and the point is to retain free will and sovereignty while regaining godhood, in a way that allows us to gain ‘right mind/right action’ and not accidentally destroy the whole shebang in a fit of pique in the process.

It’s a masterclass, basically. We choose to incarnate here because we want the mastery, and as with any class, dropping out is an option, it’s hard to do mid-life but there are the built in points between lives where we can reevaluate at will. There are other, easier classes to join as well if we wanted.


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