Ganesha magick?

Is it as simple as lighting a candle, maybe having a image or statue of him and repeating the the mantra 108 times.
I have a Baal Kadmon book and he tends to simplify quite a bit. Is that what to do if you are an experienced magickian but if you are new you should do more. Or is the 108 times mantra really all there is to it?

I have been trying and trying with angels and they hate me. In fact, I would say things are getting worse the more I do magick to them.
I also think that my magick with them is messed up because my experience is that the Christian God doesn’t do much, if anything at all, for his people. So I believe in angels but I also think they won’t help. Maybe that is why none of the magick works, although that doesn’t explain why things are getting worse, Unless they are just vindictive. I don’t know.

Anyway, I don’t want to give up on magick so what sort of start do I need to get going with Ganesh?

As a side note: I had a reading (Tarot) with with Aaron Leitch and he told me angels were quite difficult to reach. So who knows? (honestly I don’t know if he is a great magickian or not, but he is sort of famous in magick circles)

No offence to Mr. Leitch, but that just isn’t true. Many, many people have great success working with angels, myself included. The Gallery of magick, for example, provides easy ways to contact angels, as does Jareth Tempest in his pathworking books, and they work well.

Aaron Leitch is a magician in the grimoire tradition, so the way he does things requires a lot of grovelling and purification, and “we’re not worthy” supplication, which is very different from how most modern mages do things, especially those on the LHP, and that might explain why he thinks angels are difficult to reach.

That being said, maybe you just don’t resonate with angelic energies. It happens. We’re all individuals, after all, with different energetic alignments.

Change is chaos. Depending on what kind of workings you have been doing, major life changing magick will certainly bring massive disruption, regardless if you are working with angels, demons, or gods.

Yes, it can be as simple as that. The Hindu gods are traditionally invoked that way.


From bitter, wasted experience, these words really resonated DarkestKnight. By the time you got all your gear together (and I’m southern hemisphere, which really made it harder) and you got you circle organised and you had a shower, got dressed in robes, light the appropriately coloured candles and incense and purified then consecrated your workplace and used the prescribed metals it was too late and you’d have missed the designated hour, so you’d have to pack up and try again late at night or another day - but then the astrology wasn’t as good! Most of the time I just gave up in pure frustration.

And you young practitioners have no idea just how hard and expensive it was prior to the Internet. Trust me! But Liber Null & Psychonaut changed my life and it can your lives too! Made so much stuff and so many techniques understandable and therefore more malleable.



I work with both Lakshmi and Ganesha and mantras have never worked for me! Get their statues, light incense and candle and simply talk to them… it is that simple. Read my prior post about be meeting the Hindu goddess😊


It helps but isn’t always necessary. I invoke Ganesha prior to any ritual or just to start my day off by chanting his mantra just for 3 times

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Despite the varied opinions here - let me make this clear. 108 times is used when you already have siddhi ie. Perfection of the mantra. To get siddhi - millions of chants are needed unless you’ve done the Mantra in a previous life r have a guru .

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“Change is Chaos” that could be what is going on? I really amped up my efforts to contact angels. I started saying prayers daily from a book called “A Conjuring Mans Grimoire”. I did not have the book, I got the prayers off a website. Then I used the Archan Publishing archangel Pentacle methods after a few weeks of those prayers to open things up and now my life is just falling apart.
all my mechanical stuff is breaking, there have been car problems, problems with the furncace in my house, my computer PSU stopped working and when it failed an external hard drive went with it. it has just been one shit storm after another. Also, half the problems have been misdiagnosed so it is costing me twice as much time and money to fix them. computers I can fix but car problems and heating furnace problems require me to pay for other people’s expertise.

It is like someone activated all my Karmic debt at once (if you believe in that sort of thing). Or maybe I just really pissed off those angels.

So now I am confused about what to do. Do you think it wise to just keep going after these angels or do you think I should try some mantras (or like the other poster said, prayer) with Ganesha.

I actually like the prayer with Ganesha idea. I have the Baal Kadmon book which calls for 108 repeitions over 40 days, but maybe I could do 108 and Saturday and Sunday and then just meditate/pray with him for the other 38 days. I gotta imagine it will take at least an hour to say this “road opening” type mantra 108 times and I don’t have that kind of time after work. But I can do it on the weekend and then some devotional/prayer stuff during the week.

So now I am confused.
Magickians seem to do whatever they want in whatever tradtion they want. But I am a beginner magickian, if I wonder around from tradition to tradtion I will never get good at anything. I think Dion Fortune said something about dabblers. and I agree with her.

Thanks for the help and let me know if you have a recommendations

Thank also to

There would be no harm in doing the Ganesha chant. The Hindu gods are pretty flexible and can generally be used with other types of magick.

This sounds to me like there is just too much energy with no direction flying around and it’s frying your electronics and mechanical devices. In my opinion, you did too much unrestrained magick so the energy build up is causing the chaos.

My advice would be to stop the angelic magick, do a daily banishing ritual to get rid of any wayward energies hanging around, and work with Ganesha. If your problems abate, then the chaos was most likely caused by just too much energy mucking about. Then you can pick the angelic magick slowly back up.

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Thank you for responding.
Maybe a little Ganesha will help.

Until all this crazy stuff started happening I was doing an Kabbalistic Cross, LRP (invoking), Middle Pillar, and another Kabbalistic Cross every day. For awhile, up until about a month or so ago, I was invoking all 10 angels of the Sephira into my Aura.

That is one of the hardest things about being a solo practicioner, you don’t know how to ask or when to ask or what to ask in order to help yourself. You just blunder along until stuff starts breaking and then ask for help.
I live about 2 miles for an OTO church. They give classes on Sundays and anyone can come. I am looking forward to going and meeting some similar minded people. I don’t think Thelema is for me but I don’t have to join there group just to participate, their website says anyone can come to most of their functions. All I have to do is cure Covid 19 and I can go. No problem.

Thank you DarkestKnight, I appreciate your help

I will do the LBRP, I got a lot of material for IOB (I had a shitty childhood), I can get a Ganesha statue and go with that for 40 days.

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For shitty childhood, There’s a technique called vasana daha tantra. It helped me, should be of help to you !:smile:

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Am beginning to look into it now. Thanks

I watched a program on YouTube and I read a brief paper on the internet.
It said that by using the seed words we are triggering a vibration in our bodies that wakes up that part of our conciousnes/soul. (I got the feeling it might be like a gentle Reiki attunement, one that you do to yourself instead of someone else doing it to you)
If that is correct, would something like Isochronic or Binaural sounds assist with this process. I know some people are into this but I also know spiritual work is hard work. and listening to sound does not take a lot of effort. I like short cuts but only if they work and there is a benefit.